'Blood, Sweat and Heels' Season 1 Episode 2 Rundown: Bogus Brunch


Son'n Women & Children

Blood, Sweat And Heels debuted on Bravo! this past Sunday (January 5th). BSH is focuses on a group of up and comers in New York City, think Sex And The City meets Love & Hip Hop.

The Cast

Melyssa Ford is a former video model, who is transitioning into becoming a real estate agent. Mica Hughes is former model who now runs a modeling agency and dating Terry who was dating another woman for 20 years when he met Mica. Demetria Lucas is an author who runs her own blog, A Belle In Brooklyn, she is currently engaged to Greg. Daisy Lewellyn is a style expert, who moved to New York to pursue her career in television. Rounding out the cast is pop culture journalist Geneva S. Thomas and real estate developer Brie Bythewood.


“Women can be emotional, and that has a lot o do with periods” - Daisy Lewellyn


The debut centered around Daisy’s Brunch in Brooklyn event, but the brunch which everyone attended, came off looking like a bootleg talk show. Daisy begins  the brunch off by standing in front with a mic in hand and proceeds to ask questions such as “Can women lead.” Asking that question in any environment is mostly likely to set people off, so of course in a room where five independent "self made" women were seated the question came off as silly. Brie was the only, besides Daisy who thought women would not make good leaders.

The conversation turned to men and infidelity, at this point we find out that like most women, these women had been cheated on. And thus have no problem snooping for example going through their men’s phone, emails, and social networks to make sure everything is on the up and up. Demetria vehemently disagreed with the notion of snooping. Claiming she has never snooped, and these women were treating their men like children stating if there is no trust then you should leave.

After a mediocre brunch filled with lackluster questions and "no real food" Demetria turned around and wrote a blog about the brunch, omitting names to protect the guilty.  Geneva and Mica were the one's who read the blog and passed on the info, Geneva to Melyssa,  and Mica to Daisy (who came off looking the worst in the blog). Mica suggests a dinner party so everyone can air out their grievances, while Geneva hinted that Demetria may have done some “snooping” in the past.

The Good

The show looks amazing, shots of New York City were vibrant and full of life.

Scenes felt authentic, compared to Love & Hip Hop where its blatantly obvious that a scene is scripted or shot twice to get a certain reaction, BHS flowed smoothly.

Demetria, so far she is my favorite on the show, outspoken and intelligent is a deadly combination

The Bad

Demetria seems to be the only “role model” on the show, which tends to be the norm for reality shows. The majority of which feature women who are emotionally unstable and are defined by their relationship status.  Hopefully as the show progresses this changes.

Mica is on her way to an intervention by the end of the season, she was clearly tipsy at brunch and if the season preview is any indication this does not get better.

Daisy and pink lipstick don’t mix

The WTF 

Daisy receiving a Brazilian. As a man I had no idea what this process looked like and I wish I could have kept it that way.



'Blood, Sweat and Heels' Season 1 Episode 2 Rundown: Dinner Party Disaster

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