'Blood, Sweat and Heels' Season 1 Episode 3 Rundown: Uptown Comedy Drunks


Drinkers Not Welcomed

Six in the City and Blog is a Four-letter Word centered around dissension in the group based on Demetria’s blog. Fortunately episode three Turned Uptown, moved us viewers forward.

At the outset three pairs of friends spoke about the dinner party disaster (Melyssa and Daisy, Geneva and Mica, Brie and Demetria).  Daisy has a problem with people such as Daisy who “keep it real” all the time, real hurts feelings. Melyssa, who was not called out in the blog, stated that if she had been it would not bother her. She has been called a “hoe, slut, and bitch” so she understands bad press.

Geneva actually wanted to have a one on one with Demetria. And after a conversation with Brie, Demetria called Geneva for a face to face apology. The sit down unlike the dinner party was cordial. Geneva understandably had an issue with the blog, because of how recent a similar situation had occurred. Geneva was in a relationship with a man who she planned to marry and due to snooping found out he was messing with several women on the side. After explaining that there was not any malice when she wrote the blog, Demetria and Geneva reconciled.

Patching up a friendship was only half of Geneva’s good news, she also became brands partnership manager at Uptown Magazine. The publication decided to throw her a welcoming party. This was a chance for Geneva to rub elbows with some well known people in her industry, instead she ended up at first playing babysitter and then avoiding Mica and Melyssa.

Every episode Mica is drinking. This episode did reveal that her father and her do not speak, because he is emotionally draining and abusive. Between her father and her boyfriend, Mica has reasons to drink, how well her liver is going to hold up is another story. Here are the highlights of the dynamic drunk duo, they both “pregamed” (drank before the party started), Melyssa was upset there was only one bartender, Mica often extended her long legs to the sky, Melyssa jumped on couches, Mica fanned her vagina towards Melyssa, both yelled obnoxiously when Geneva or her CEO spoke with a microphone. Geneva and Brie were both peeved, Demetria left early based on Mica’s and Melyssa’s behavior.  

The Good

Daisy’s, who was absent from the party, relationship with her father. Daisy’s father came to visit her and she cooked dinner for the both of them. These two are close, a stark contrast from Mica and her relationship with her father as well as many other African American women. One moment that stuck out was when Daisy’s father showed her her prom picture, she commented on how she did not want him to show up and he came anyway. Whereas on Love & Hip Hop: New York Erica Jean did not want Saigon to show up at the birth of their son and he obliged.

Bonus Good: Finding out both of Mica parents are black.  

The Bad

Daisy’s date Jason, from the last episode showed up at Geneva’s party, and was quick to bad mouth Daisy. He said that Daisy threw Demetria under the bus, but this was not true. Daisy merely said she did not understand why Demetria said those things about her and her feelings were hurt. Jason is saditty snitch.

"Daisy has no class" - Jason


The cab driver. The episode ended with Mica and Melyssa trying to hail a cab. Mind you, they did stand in the middle of the street a few times trying to get a cab to stop. Do they not have Uber in New York? After several failed attempts, a cab stops for them and before Mica can put her foot in and shut the door, the cab takes off. Brie calls the cabbie a “cock sucker” which I had no idea you can say on cable television, before calling her personal driver.


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