'Blood, Sweat and Heals' Season 1 Episode 4 Rundown: Mica, Mica Mica

Mica has yet to be sober for an entire episode. She drinks at parties, on the way to parties, in her confessional. One of the reasons she consumes an abnormal amount of alcohol has to be due to the nonexistent relationship between her and her father.According to Mica, her father was emotionally abusive and that was the reason her mom and him parted ways. Mica has made numerous attempts for a father/daughter connection, the last one ended when her father blamed her for stealing his stuff. 

During a swap party (friends trade shoes, purses, and etc) with Melyssa and Daisy, Mica reveals that her father is suffering from pancreatic cancer. Mica’s father is refusing treatment and the hospital has given him 72 hours to live. Melyssa shares how she never got a chance to say goodbye to her father due to him never coming out of a comma, and in turn explains how important it is for Mica to see her father to say goodbye one last time.

Her live in boyfriend Terry also convinces Mica to see her father. The visit does not go well according to Mica, since their reunion takes place off camera. Mica stated she went to rub his head and he backed away from her. The fact that her father had a trouble childhood and did not know how to be husband seemed to me as if Mica was not accepting her father’s stubborn ways. The hospital let her know, that her father was dying tomorrow, Mica had decided she did not want to be there to see it.

While Mica and her father relationship was playing out, Demetria, her fiance’ Greg, Geneva, and Brie all headed to Brie’s parent’s home in The Hamptons. The topic of discussion was how would Mica act once she arrived in The Hamptons. Mica did not disappoint on her way up there either. She had a driver, who she made stop at a liquor store so she can grab a few bottles, and stop at her cousins house who was on the way so she could drink some more. Unfortunately the episode ends with her late and loud arrival.

The Good

Melyssa Ford is back making appearances at clubs. After telling her financial manager she did not want to go back to that life, she came to her senses and backtracked. This may be due to the fact that Geneva said that her credit card had been denied due to insufficient funds. Melyssa has yet to make a sale in the real estate market, she has to do something to make ends meet.

The Bad

Mica stopping to get a drink before she arrived at the hospital to see her dying father. I’m not sure that being buzzed is the best thing when it comes to saying your goodbyes to man who you already have a strained relationship. Then right after the hospital visit you hit a restaurant and began drinking again.

Daisy was brave for being filmed without makeup and her wig, she looked completely different. 


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