'Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta' Recap: Jasmine Pops Up To Get "Beat" Down

'Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta' Recap: Jasmine Pops Up To Get "Beat" Down


Unlike LHHATL I don’t end with the best part, I start with it. So lets talk about Jasmine Rasheeda showdown. This took place at the afterparty in front of the majority of the cast who watched eagerly in hopes of Rasheeda giving Jasmine a physical beatdown. Rasheeda isn’t a fighter she is lover, with that said she did give Jasmine a verbal beatdown.

After excusing Kirk, Rasheeda laid into Jasmine, calling into question her motives, her lack of awareness, and her credibility. Jasmine stood there like a child being lectured. She didn’t really have anything to say other than to apologize and repeat her actions will show she isn’t the person everyone thinks she is.

I want to believe Jasmine, but if she wasn’t this bad person she claims she isnt then why pop up. I mean in this day and age she could have apologized on social media. To be honest, it felt like she was apologizing for sleeping with a married man. I’m a firm believer in the only people who need to respect a marriage are the two in the marriage. With that said, she should have apologized for how she acted after she found out she was pregnant, apologize for going to the blogs, apologize for posting Rasheeda’s son online. Those in my opinion were more egregious actions.

Spice and Tokyo squared off. Is there no good person on this show? Seriously Spice came off as a head strong, tough love, down ass friend. But as soon as she saw Tokyo she went straight to the fat jokes. There’s only so many jabs Tokyo was gonna take before throwing a purse at Spice’s head.

Tokyo damn near missed Rasheeda’s event, showing up late to the after party. Spice meanwhile didn’t own up to her ribbing. And in typical LHH fashion nothing got resolved. Spice was under the impression Tabius is single, Tokyo says they still talk and flirt via IG. All this over Tabius?

Karlie is giving Sean the silent treatment, Sierra is doing the same to BK.

A wild Ernest appeared to help a sick Momma Dee. And by sick I mean sick in the head. I mean she was physically ill, but the next scene we saw her in she was in Scrappy and Bambi’s home building a nursery. She wasn’t actually building anything but a case against her grandma duties.

The past two episodes Momma Dee has been giving out amazing advice on how to be a grandmother to KK, and how to raise your child to Dime. Then turns around and does this foolishness. This scene was fake. You have to see it to believe it.

Oh Just Brittany performed to a bored crowd. And instead of being a “real artist” and pushing through, she addressed the crowd Joe Budden style. Afterwards she thanked Rasheeda for the opportunity and left before Jasmine arrived. Even though she knew Jasmine was going to pop up. She couldn’t give Rasheeda a heads up?


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