'Blood, Sweat and Heels' Season 1 Episode 2 Rundown: Dinner Party Disaster

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To Those Who Wish Us Well...

Blog is a Four-Letter Word  felt like part two to last week's debut Six in the City. The focal point was again on Demetria and her infamous blogs. Brie took it upon herself to meet with Demetria one on one and explain (poorly I might add) why she took umbrage with Demetria’s second blog which focused on Brie saying at Daisy’s Brunch in Brooklyn that she did not believe women could be leaders. Words are not Brie strong points, but her and Demtria did come to an understanding.


"I don't think you quite understood, because i don't think i quite said what i really meant" - Brie


The dinner party was the climax of this episode and it delivered. Six strong minded women, put on a display that looked like a scene out of Mean Girls. Before the appetizer had chance to breath on the table, Daisy struck first. Demetria was ambushed, she had no idea this dinner was just a ploy for her “friends” to confront her about her blog. Mica defended her snooping by stating she had a reason to do so, and Geneva who teased in Six in the City that she had the goods on Demetria was full of big talk and idle threats. Meanwhile nonchalant Demetria stood her ground only show a slight glimpse of frustration. 

The gripe most of these women had was the fact that Demetria wrote about them in a way that made them look, for lack of a better word, silly. The fact remains Demetria never mentioned anyone’s name in either blog, but the glaring omission is all of this is being recorded! It did not matter if she did not put names in her piece, 2.5 million people saw and heard who said what. 

The Good

Brie for attempting to explain her position and knowing that she did a piss poor job at it. I Daisy, Mica, and Geneva should had went this route instead of the ambush.

The Bad

Melyssa Ford is broke and at the age of 36 decides to be an adult. Well sort of. During the episode Melyssa is chastised by her financial adviser who may have had the line of the show with, “If you go broke, then you don’t know me.” Its difficult to root for Melyssa when she blatantly mismanages her money, plus when her supervisor offers her advice she acts as if she knows everything. Its hard being a celebrity and broke and its even harder to get people to sympathize with you when you act like you don’t care.


Daisy’s date, Daisy was extremely late, and seem to have a devil may care attitude about it. When she arrived at the dinner her date never let her forget the fact that he had been waiting for an extremely long time. Punctuality is important, but so is kindness. Daisy's date never let the her being late go. Instead he insulted her, didn’t share his food, but when he spilled his plate in his lap Daisy shared with him. She paid, and after making her cry he told her not smear her makeup. Seriously?


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