Love & Hip Hop: New York Season 8 Episode 7 Recap: The Jaq in The Hat

Love & Hip Hop: New York Season 8 Episode 7 Recap: The Jaq in The Hat


Mariahlynn is starting to believe it might be her looks instead of her music (or signing to DJ Self) to be the blame for her career stalling. After a brief conversation with Remy Ma, Mariah decided to visit Dr. Miami for a “boob job.” She tried to couch plastic surgery as something that would make her happy. People probably would have believed her if she didn’t mention backlash from social media prompting this whole ordeal. Hopefully, Mariah can get back to her music grind and not fall down the plastic well.  


Let’s play a word association game. The word is "James R." Some words that should come to mind are “corny,” “arrogant,” “pompous,” etc. One word that shouldn't come to mind is "doctor." Yet Sophia Body rushed over with her new puppy seeking James R.’s medical advice. Sure enough James R. took advantage of the situation. He inadvertently called Sophia trash before offering her and her dog a place to stay. 

Meanwhile, Jaquae went around town telling everyone who would listen, the story of Sophia Body. First to Papoose and then to the League of Creeps (DJ Self, Snoop, and Rich Dollaz). 


Outside of using the term “wifey” Navarro seems like a good dude. He got a building named after him and it’s legit not like Nino Brown and “The Carter.” What should have been a great day for Navarro, was just another day in the Love & Hip Hop world. His “wifey” Ashley’s sister Ayisha wants him to fire Ashley due to lack of focus. A problem that both Anais and Navarro have noticed in Ashley. But instead of having a sit down (something LHH loves to do) and talk to Ashley about her focus or lack thereof, these people did it behind Ashley’s back. Thus Ashley quits which is understandable, but Ayisha also quit and told Navarro to fix a problem she started.


Safaree, still reeling after the loss of his uncle, is now back in New York having just attended his uncle’s funeral in LA. After a pep talk from Self, Safaree gets back to making music and even performs his new song Paradise featuring Sean Kingston. The song wasn’t half bad, but Safaree’s speech before performing was a little off-putting. It’s one thing to tell the crowd life is short so live it to the fullest, but saying my uncle just died, so let's turn up! Just doesn’t move the crowd. 


Remy and Pap are still going back and forth over this baby situation. Remy has nearly finished her to-do list and is just waiting for Pap to get the doctor. Pap had one thing to do, and instead of just making the call, he brings up everything Remy has done in the past to prolong them having a baby, overlooking the fact that she was just pregnant last year! These scenes do nothing for the show because as of today in real life Remy Ma is not pregnant.

  • What's the odds we will get this song with MariahLynn and Remy Ma
  • What is Sway gonna do once he finds out Jaquae has stolen his hat
  • Does James R. have any real friends? Someone has to call out the cheesy lines and the third person speak.
  • Was Rich serious when called Sophia “Got” Body the most dramatic female ever?  This makes absolutely no sense considering his dating past.
  • How is it possible for Navarro to be so stunned that Rich and Anais were dating/smashing? Does he not know his “frat brother” and his artist?
  • How many women have asked how long do I have to wait to get these sucked after breast implants?
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