Love & Hip Hop: New York Season 8 Episode 15 Recap: Bianca The Back Stabber


Bianca and beef are two peas in a pod. This symbiotic relationship has left Bianca bitter and blameless. She ended her relationship with Mariah just because Mariah doesn’t want to fight Bri anymore. She turned down an opportunity to be on the Paradise remix (which doesn’t sound bad) and insulted Safaree. Then she met with DJ Webstar the man who blames for her problems with Bri and after both admit they were young and dumb in the music industry, she goes in on him. So let’s see, this season Bianca has lost Yandy (her manager), Mariah (her friend), and her mind! 

Bri was out here fixing lives. She told DreamDoll that her and Mariah were cool and understood why DreamDoll was hurt by that. And even though it took a talk from DreamDoll’s mom for Tabitha (DreamDoll) to come to her senses, Bri still orchestrated a sit down between DreamDoll and Maria that ended in a hug. DJ Self The Gwinnin God couldn’t get that done! 

Jaquae was determined to get Kiyanne back. He even signed a verbal contract. And when Kiyanne invited Anais to his videoshoot, he stood by and at his celery silently while Kiyanne gave Anais some words of wisdom, It’s garbage can, not garbage cannot.  

Anais on the other hand is still playing the victim roll. First with Jonathan being Team Yandy, and then wanting Ruben to come home. Even when she was talking about staying together she still seemed like she wanted to mess around on the side.  

Safaree is having trouble with his Paradise remix, claiming Yandy is being very hands on. We wouldn’t know any of this, since Yandy wasn’t in this episode. He asked JuJu on a date and while they recreated the iconic scene from Ghost, he tried to shoot his shot at JuJu and got a “that’s cute” for his troubles.  

  • Seriously why does Anais want to be married? 
  • I thought it was just Anais and Jaquae, where did Bri and a room full of people come from?
  • Just because Yandy organized a trip she gets to organize the remix?  
  • Whats worse Safaree getting a “that’s cute” from JuJu or Bianca coming for him in his own apartment?  
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