I Returned To Bulldog Ale House For These Amazing Beers

I Returned To Bulldog Ale House For These Amazing Beers

The last time I wrote about  Bulldog Ale House, one of my favorite places in the world, it was with my friend and co-host of The MWT podcast Lisa. This time I decided to bring Sterl of Rasslin Roundtable's RBU podcastalong for some alcoholic fun The place was jumping so there was a little bit of a wait. Luckily there was a tray of Two Brother's Pinball Ale in small 4oz glasses for sampling. While we sampled our beer, we surveyed a wall of beer tap handles - 40 to be exact. 35 of which the have been tried by yours truly, an impressive feat, if I do say so myself. 

40 taps.png

Gotta Taste Em All

After being seated we partook in the $0.89 Chicken Tenders (Sauces: Mango Habanero, Savory Bourbon, Ranch) and Parmesan Truffle Fries. The chicken tenders were large, hot, and juicy. They did not disappoint. The truffle fries were slightly heavy on the Parmesan, but  something I would order again.

And then the beer drinking commenced...


Two Brother's Pinball (ABV 5.4%) American Pale Ale

Sterl: I thought it was good. It had a little sweetness, with a smooth taste.

Tiffanie: Strong robust flavor. Not extremely hoppy. Probably not a beer I would opt to get on my own, but would not turn it down or complain if someone handed one to me at a party.

Lagunitas IPA (ABV 6.2%) IPA

Sterl: Good. Not too hoppy like most IPAs usually are. It was a little bitter.

Tiffanie: This beer hits the taste buds softly before providing the signature hop taste that IPA drinkers know and love. The finish is surprisingly comforting for non-IPA fans.

Bulldog Berry Weiss (ABV 4.7%) Fruit Beer

Sterl: It's nice and sweet. I liked the berry flavor. It tastes like a juice, not really a beer to me.

Tiffanie: I've had it before. It's one of my favorites. It is only offered at this Bulldog location.

Kona Longboard Island Lager (ABV 4.6%) American Lager

Sterl: Very light beer. It's a mild tasting beer. Nothing really special. This would be the lager for women. Like if this was this first lager, this would be it.

Tiffanie:I agree this is a woman beer. Just kidding. The taste is definitely mild. I think carbonated water has a more striking taste. I would say that this is a great beer for someone trying to get into beer drinking since the taste is so mild. There is no signature flavor or bold notes.

Tocayo Hominy White Ale (ABV 5.5%) Witbier

Sterl: This has a cinnamon type taste to it. It almost like a Fireball taste to it. It's not overpowering. It's subtle. Just right.

Tiffanie: When I drank this beer I didn't think cinnamon, but now after hearing Sterl say that I can taste the cinnamon flavor he is describing. It is not a sickly overpowering cinnamon just a gentle caress of cinnamon undertones. This is a relatively light beer. Nothing too heavy, but still provides its own distinct flavor profile.

Crystal Lake Fox Rocker (ABV 5.5%) Red IPA

Sterl: Nothing special. It just doesn't set itself apart from any oter IPA.

Tiffanie: The hue is definitely red. The flavor starts of bland with a low hop flavor. Then a bitter taste takes residence on your tongue and does not move out. Not the most pleasant aftertaste.

Krombacher Pils (ABV 4.8%) German Pils

Sterl: Tastes like molasses, Like a Sunday breakfast and putting molasses on your pancakes. That brought me back right there. Brought me back in the day. My auntie used to make some pancakes and put some molasses on there. That's good! I like that.

Tiffanie: First impression, I thought it tasted like a fart might taste. Second impression, still the taste like a fart might taste. But it does have a quiet finish. Not a silent, but deadly finish either. Alright, yall. I've been sipping on it...and this is a beer that you need to sip a few times before it reveals its true self. It now tastes like grape. A very subtle grape flavor.

Sterl:  You're right! It does taste like grape! Welch's grape!

A special shout out to Sterl of RBU for being a team player and helping to order the last for beers to bring the 35 beers to 39 beers.

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