GTS #85

AHH GTS!!! Smackdown Live took place in the Big Easy coming off WrestleMania. See how The GTS crew's WrestleMania trip went as they discuss their attendance to their first Progress Wrestling show and more. Then tune in to see what they thought of the SD Live after Mania.

The Raw, The Bad, & The Ugly #205

On this weeks episode SterldaPearl and ItzMilla recap the Raw after Mania. Find out what they liked, didnt like and what was flat out ugly. ItzMilla also gives his take on what the best match of the weekend was. As always they discuss new & rumors, "Lets Talk Wrestling" and "Arm Chair Booking" plus more. 

GTS #84

AHH GTS!!! Less than two weeks away from WrestleMania and we have a packed show to get to. SD Live is in Steel City this week. Hear what we thought of the show and also hear our thoughts on changes made to WM 34. 

The Raw, The Bad, & The Ugly 203

This week your favorite tag team Sterldapearl & ItzMilla recap Raw from Detroit. Find out how they felt about the 2nd to last Raw before Wrestlemania. They also discuss another MOTYC this time from New Japan as well as this weeks news and rumors and Arm Chair Booking. This and more on RBU 203.

GTS #83 YES!!! Edition

AHH GTS!!! GUESS WHO'S Back? Smackdown Live is in Dallas,TX as we are hit with the news of the century. Hear our thoughts on the return of the YES MAN Daniel Bryan in our News/Rumors. Zack Sabre Jr collects gold and listen to our review of this week's episode of Smackdown.

GTS #82

AHH GTS!!! We're back and we have a great show for you this week. Smackdown Live comes outta Indianapolis,IN. See what J.Fields chose for his Match to Watch For.. Hear our thoughts about the Fabulous Moolah Battle Royal and the rants it created. Then we give our rundown and review for SD Live followed with our Fastlane results, We also have a GTW segment that will be the BOOKING OF AGES.