Lisa's Liquor Locker: Bulldog Ale House Food & Brews

Lisa's Liquor Locker: Bulldog Ale House Food & Brews


Tiffanie and I wanted to try Bulldog Ale House Food & Brews, a bar and grill with several locations in the Chicagoland area. On Thursdays, Bulldog's has $2 drafts so Tiff and I hit up their spot in North Aurora because we're cheap drunks. They have a menu size draft list and everything except one beer is $2.  We decided to try one beer from each section, except (in my case) IPAs. Neither Tiff nor I are big fans of IPAs and $2 couldn't convince me to give it a go.


Beer: Bulldog Ale House Honey Weiss ABV: 4.9%
Me: This is a smooth very refreshing beer.  You can taste the hints of honey. It's a very light tasting beer. I'd come back for this one.

Tiff: Delicious, smooth beer. Slight honey finish. Not a sweet beer by any means. Nice and easy for the amateur beer drinker, but mature enough for the experienced beer connoisseur.

Beer: Stone Delicious IPA ABV: 7.7%
Tiff: Strong citrus-y taste at first, but finishes really smooth. This is great for someone who doesn't mind a strong grapefruit taste at first sip and wants to get a lot of bang for their buck. The strong alcohol content on this one is great for those who might be balling on a budget.

Beer: Bell's Oberon Ale ABV: 5.8%
Me: This is a light beer with a slight hop flavor.  You can taste different fruit flavors.  Probably not my favorite, but if it was my only option I wouldn't turn it down.

Beer: 3 Floyds Yum Yum ABV: 5.5%
Me: I'm extremely sadden by this beer.  It was listed under blondes and it's should be under IPAs. It's REALLY hoppy and not smooth at all.  Big big bummer.  I'm glad it was only $2.

Tiff: I had high hopes for this beer. Those hopes and aspirations fell flat though. Very hoppy beer and unfortunately it does not smooth out. Every taste has the same harsh feeling as the one before. "Yum Yum" seems like a misleading name at this point.

Beer: Wild Onion Misfit ABV: 6.5%
Tiff: IPAs are not my friend. The hoppiness is ridiculous IPAs and Pale Ales. If you enjoy a hoppy beer, seek out an IPA. Unfortunately, I'm not an IPA girl so this review will be biased. Not a fan. And the more I drink the more disappointed I get.

Beer: Founders Dirty Bastard ABV: 8.5%
Lisa:  This is surprisingly delicious and the name well it's great.  It is a dark beer. It has an after taste of chocolate and coffee.  Two of my favorite things. Add beer and that's three of my favs in one cup.

Beer: 3 Sheeps Cashmere Hammer (Nitro Rye Stout) ABV: 6.5%
Me: This is a dark beer.  It's good.  Wouldn't go out of my way to order it.  If you like expresso this is the beer for you.  Definitely wish I would have ordered Tiffs beer (Nitro Left Hand Milk Stout)  now that tastes like and iced coffee. 

Beer: Left Hand Milk Stout (Nitro) ABV: 6.0%
Tiff: While not the best stout I've ever had, this stout is smooth. If you're looking for a heavy beer with a smooth finish, this one is for you. Definitely a good beer to try. I always recommend a Nitro stout because they are often smooth which makes for a pleasant experience.

Beer: Bulldog Ale House Berry Weiss ABV: 4.7%
Me.  OMG I should have got this first!  So delicious and totally refreshing. It taste just like punch.  Delicious!

Tiff: (After a sip of Lisa's drink) It is definitely berry in taste. Light, refreshing beer. Great for the summer. I would have gotten a full glass, but I needed to cut myself off.


Vegas Bomb (Our waitress Lindsey's Fave)
Tiff: Very smooth blend. The Red Bull shines at first sip, but the finish has a finesse of peach with an impressive outcome.

Lemon Drop
Lisa: I love Lemon Drop Martinis so I knew I'd like this shot. It literally tastes like lemonade. 

Tiff: Strong lemon taste, but very smooth. Sweet with a slightly sour finish.

By the end of the night we were a bit tipsy and by tipsy I mean one of us may or may not have been drunk.  Let me know who do you think that was in the comments below.  Bulldog Ale Househas drink and food specials daily.  Their drink specials are amazing, their food was delicious as well, I'll definitely be back.

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