Ask Chelle No. 1

Ask Chelle No. 1

Q: How do I ask him out?

There's this guy I like, he's really shy around everyone except me. We have been friends for a while and now I really like him. He can sense when I'm upset or when there's something bothering me no matter how hard I try to put a smile on my face. He's a bit self conscious around me. I wanna ask him out this Friday but idk how, any tips? - Kayla

A: What are you afraid of? You already know he’s comfortable around you, he understands you, and seems as if he just want to see you smile. So you should just ask him out.  The worst he can say is no or either he only thought of you as friends and that's not so bad neither. A closed mouth don't get fed so if you don't make the first move you're going to be wondering what if? Put your big girl panties on and go get yo man!

Q: How do I dump her nicely?

There is a girl and a few months ago, she claimed to like me. I rejected her, but not harshly. She stopped talking to me. A few days ago, I was being really dumb, and was flirting with her. She kissed me. I feel really bad because I messed with her feelings. Now she thinks we're dating. I can't go out with her for these reasons:

1. I don't like her
2. We are going to different schools next year
3. I had a relationship before, and it ended with an attempted suicide
4. I like someone else, and I may have a chance with them

Can someone please help me "break up" with her nicely?

I know I was just being a jerk and an idiot so you can hate on me as much as you want. But could someone please give me an answer? - Yaccob

A: Yea I feel as if I should give you a lot for flirting with a girl you so called don't like and I hope u was drinking so we can at least blame it on the liquor. ...Wait you said you're switching schools right? Well unless you're drinking illegally then scratch liquor from the blame game. Well first thing first, I'm worried about ol’ girl because she thinks after a few kisses that y'all are officially an item A.W.K.W.A.R.D., but anywho, just apologize for kissing her and you had no intentions on leading her own. Let her know that you are currently interested in someone else, she's likely to find out sooner than later and its better if that information comes from you rather than someone else. Keep it sweet and simple. Don’t sugar coat it or beat around the bush. That leaves the door open for more questions. More questions that you really don't want to answer. 

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