The RAW, The BAD, & The UGLY

The RAW, The BAD, & The UGLY

The Right, The Wrong, & The Downright Awful from Monday Night RAW


The RAW: Daniel Bryan vs. Erick Rowan

This match was amazing. Rowan has looked bad in the past and he’s probably getting pushed because of his size (you can't teach 6'8) he fared pretty well vs. Daniel Bryan. Bryan has a knack for making anyone he’s in the ring with look good. Bryan might be challenging CM Punk for best in the world.


The BAD: Damien Sandow vs. Dolph Ziggler 


I understand how some can question why i would put “The Show Off” and “The Savior of the Unwashed Masses” in my  bad section, but it wasn’t too long ago both of these guys were in World Heavyweight Championship picture. Mind you Dolph succeeded briefly, before the higher ups decided to “punish” him. Now creative has these two fighting for the number one contender spot for the Intercontinental Championship? I know the WWE are not taking the belt off of Big E anytime soon and that’s the right decision. But WWE continues to flounder when it comes to pushing their young talent, instead they put the title on John Cena for the 100th time. With that said, these two had a great match.


The UGLY: Its a Tie!

1A. John Cena/Randy Orton 

They try to get us going by naming past champions who held those titles, the times where they tried to get a cheap pop for HHH the crowd stayed relatively silent. We can break down, how the world heavyweight title came back to be in the WWE but that is a ugly story for another day. Okay it's a short story HHH wanted a title that is all. But what kind of bugged me was there was no mention of Chris Jericho as being the first Unified Champion. I also didn't like the fact that they've already came up with a vote to see what we would call the champion after the match is over but they haven't even signed the contract yet. Next time WWE make it official first. And why? Why does every contract signing have to end with some (excuse my french dumb ass fight.) Of course John turned into Super Cena and hit Orton with the AA.


1B. The CM Punk vs The Authority Angle.

Why all of a sudden does he have to have a problem with The Authority? I get it Punk is the anti authority figurehead, but one moment he’s minding his own business and the next The Authority have a problem with him. I hope sure hope they spin this to were Paul Heyman actually paid The Shield to attack Punk making Punk wrong for accusing The Authority... wishful thinking.

Agree/disagree? Post you thoughts on Raw in the comments.


The RAW, The BAD, & The UGLY Week of 12/8/13

The RAW, The BAD, & The UGLY Week of 12/8/13

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