Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta “Sins of the Mother”

Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta “Sins of the Mother”


Rightfully so, Jasmine spent the majority of last season as the bad guy. She knowingly had unprotected sex with a married man, and showed up out of nowhere claiming he was the father of her child. This season however, after Kirk has been proven to be the father, Jasmine is trying right her wrongs.


Step one showing up unannounced at the wife’s job, didn’t go well. And outside of the reunion, it doesn’t look as if Rasheeda will sit down with Jasmine. Luckily Jasmine’s mother and grandmother seem to be a strong support system, overlooking the fact they were quick to excuse Jasmine’s actions chopping it up to being young and naive.


Kirk also has a strong support system. When he told his kids, he seemingly escaped blame. Instead it was a Jasmine hate fest. She was called petty, shady and an attention whore, while Kirk was just told to figure things out.  Maybe the Frosts are numb to their middle aged father’s teenage antics. 


Erica Mena is in full takeover mode. She decided to throw a party in her honor. She made sure to invite Tommie as a guest of honor and her future bae. Tommie already having her fill of Puerto Rican women, wasn’t a fan of Erica’s overly aggressive behavior and tried several times to politely tell Miss Mena “no.” Erica not one to give up or pay attention to the #MeToo movement, invited Tommie to her music training sessions with producer Jazzy Phae in hopes of connecting with Tommie on the music tip.  

Estelita confided in Mimi about her recent troubles with her MANager, Stevie J. While last week she told Erica Mena her and Stevie didn’t sleep together, this week she came clean to Mimi. Stating it only happened once, and Stevie is upset about that. Hence him being a bad manager. After getting Estelita’s origin story, that sounded eerily  similar To Joseline’s, Mimi invited Estelita to Erica’s party. There Erica and Estelita ended their beef, and Erica vowed to get Estelita out her contract. Good luck.

Remember Melissa? Her and Mimi were friends, but Melissa was also friends with Joseline (that’s one of the reasons they fell out). She helped Joseline apologize to a group of select women. Oh and she slept with Ariane. I completely forgot about her and incorrectly referred to her as  Mimi’s ex Chris. Anyway, her and Erica are friends and at Erica’s party these two agreed to be cool with one another. 


Sierra didn’t take long to find a new boo after Shooter. BK Brasco and Sierra have just started dating and yet they are “best friends” and exchanging “I love yous” all without putting a title on their new found relationship.  


But before Sierra could get comfortable on cloud 9, another one of her employees decides now is the perfect time to get messy. Shan tells Sierra that not only does Shooter have a two year old, he also has another baby on the way. Shan claimed the two year old has been to the shop getting her hair done. And what did Shan get for exposing Shooter? Fired. 

Back to back weeks Kirk, Rasheeda, and Jasmine have been front and center. It’s working for now, but sooner or later these people are going to have to interact. Wasn’t a fan of Erica trying to get into Tommie’s pants. You’d think she would avoid onscreen relationships. Estelita lying about sex with Stevie didn’t make sense, Mena will find out. And Sierra has to do better background checks. All her employees know more about her estranged husband than she does.  



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