WWE Hell in a Cell 2013 Full Predictions

WWE Hell in a Cell 2013 Full Predictions


Big E. Langston vs. Curtis Axel (IC Title Match)

Big E has seen a face turn and Curtis Axel is still being the weakest link in the chain known as Heyman Guys. 

Jernard:  Big E. Langston (Time to put the belt on Big E)

Jon: Axel, I don't see Big E getting the title so quickly but he will get the belt at Survivor Series. 

Sterl:  Big E Langston wins Paul Heyman starts to lose more confidence in Curtis Axel. 

Big E Langston: 2, Curtis Axel: 1




Divas Champion AJ Lee vs. Brie Bella

A feud that started almost two months ago continues at HIAC. Brie Bella has not been fully embraced by the WWE Universe as a face, showing her and Daniel Bryan together has done little to help. Meanwhile AJ Lee is in full HBK mode as Tamina is Diesel serving as an outside the ring enforcer. 

Jernard: Brie will win, Bryan had been rubbing off on so I see a W and some good ring work if given time

Jon: Brie will win, and I think that's a bad decision, AJ has been a good Diva Champ, but with Total Divas season two on its way Brie is going to get the push.

Sterl: AJ Lee wins don't see how they can take the belt off her the Diva's division hasn't been this entertaining since Trish vs. Lita.

AJ Lee: 1, Brie Bella: 2


WWE Tag Team Champions Cody Rhodes & Goldust vs. The Shield vs. The Usos (Triple Threat Match)

Shocked that The Shield lost the belts to The Rhodes, this rematch of sorts has a chance to steal the show. The Usos are red hot right now and Goldust is wrestling as if he's found the fountain of youth. But The Shield regaining the titles may be what's the best for business. 

Jernard: The Shield will get the title back

Jon:  The Shield will pull this out by pinning The Usos, and setting up The Rhodes vs The Shield at Survivor Series.

Sterl: The Shield wins with outside interference by Dean Ambrose. Though I hope that Goldust & Cody retains with Rey Mysterio coming to their aid with an impromptu match between Rey and Dean for the title in which Rey Mysterio wins.  

The Shield: 3  



CM Punk vs. Ryback & Paul Heyman (Handicap Hell in a Cell Match)

Punk picked a handicap match to ensure he can finally get his hands on Paul Heyman. Ryback's heel run has been enhanced by aligning himself with Heyman, and he hopes it pays off in turning around his poor PPV record.

Jernard: Ryback has to get the W to be taken seriously

Jon: Ryback wins, just to extend what is becoming a stale feud. But honestly I think WWE doesn't know what to do with Punk after this Heyman thing is done with.

Sterl: CM Punk wins but I won't be surprised to see Brock Lesnar if not at Hell In The Cell, he will probably be on RAW. 

Ryback & Paul Heyman: 2, CM Punk: 1



World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio vs. John Cena

Cena returns sooner than expected to challenge Wolrd Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio. While Cena has remained absent from television since the announcement, there have been plenty of training vignettes to serve as hype for his return. 

Jernard: Cena, because that's what these idiots do when ratings are down

Jon: ADR, he will focus on that injured elbow, and Cena will have no choice but to submit. 

Sterl:  John Cena wins giving WWE the chance in the future to unify the Belts

Alberto Del Rio: 1, John Cena: 2



Randy Orton vs. Daniel Bryan (WWE Championship Hell in a Cell Match)

The third straight PPV with the main event being Ortot vs Bryan, this time its in a Hell in a Cell and HBK will be the special guest referee. HBK is Triple H's best friend but also Bryan's mentor. Its anybody's guess to how this will play out. 

Jernard: Finally a clear finish Bryan gets the W ... HBK/Triple H start the "you changed man" angle

Jon: Orton wins, HBK turns on Bryan and the new regime is the old DX

Sterl: I'm going to go with Randy Orton with Big Show turning heel. This is a flat out guess because for once I don't know where WWE is trying to go with this.

Daniel Bryan: 1, Randy Orton: 2

Those are our predictions, hopefully HIAC is leaps and bounds above Battleground. Let us know what you're predictions are in the comments section below.



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