#10ForCreative (4/21/14)

#10ForCreative (4/21/14)

1. The Ascension are better than Rybaxel. Simple as that.

2. So when Damien Sandow watches Drew McIntrye in action does he see what his future?

3. When did Hornswagle join 3MB? Are they 3.5MB now? Do they matter?

4. If Batista is taking time off after Extreme Rules, can we start a petition to get Ziggler his spot in Evolution? PUSH ZIGGLER

5. How about Sheamus vs Kofi Kingston battle of the stale gimmick. Winner gets to turn heal & get out of midcard purgatory.

6. Yes JBL said Evolution was the greatest faction in wrestling history. And suddenly Arn Anderson is waiting with a spinebuster that has your name on it  Bradshaw.

7. Bray Wyatt actually makes John Cena bearable. I think that's just a testament to how good Wyatt is. Yes I said it.

8. 2 Diva matches and no Ziggler? Creative is going backwards.

9. I can name 100 finishes better than what we got with Cesaro/RVD.

10. Best part of RAW was the opening and the closing. But passes are due for on the fly booking.

***On behalf of 1515ave our condolences to Daniel Bryan and his family on the passing of his father. You're in our thoughts and prayers.***

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