Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta Detroit vs Houston

Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta Detroit vs Houston


I know you are but what am I," is a simple yet effective tool used to combat haters who project their own insecurities towards you. As we grow and shed childish things, this tool is put aside as well. Honestly, we should keep this since our adulthood is filled with instances begging for "I know you are, but what I am?"

Case in point, Keely and Just Brittany’s relationship. One out of convenience from the start. Keely needed Just Brittany to meet Stevie and Mimi, and Brittany needed someone to look out for her when dealing with Stevie and Mimi. The relationship began to crumble when Brittany attacked Erica Mena’s parenting.  Keely being a mother sided with Erica. 

The problem is she never told Brittany this, Brittany had to feel out Keely’s change for herself. And once Brittany realized that Keely was only in business for herself she politely un-hotheadly ended things. The hot head Keely who called out Brittany a hot head did the hot head thing and threw a drink. 

Keely is making waves, she has beef with both Brittany and Sierra, she is hiding who her baby daddy is from K. Botchey. It’s Bleu Davinci btw. I have no idea what her end goal is, but I hope she does. 


Last week Rasheeda let Kirk back in the house, this week she split the house right down the middle with the use of painter's tape. And like Kirk, I'm wondering how you watch half of a TV. Old Kirk doesn't want the personal trainer Donnell to be in the workout video, but new Rasheeda makes the rules. So look forward to the Donnell/Kirk face off.  

Sierra is not doing a good job of getting over Shooter. BK Brasco and everyone else is tired of hearing about Shooter. Brunch, Shooter, full body massage Shooter, horse and carriage ride Shooter! BK gave her an out, he understands if she still cares, but she swears she’s over it and just needs to vent to her best friend. A best friend who is seeing someone else. BK says he’s doing it because he doesn’t know if Sierra is ready for the next level, but why have an excuse if you guys aren’t in a monogamous relationship. On the other hand, you should be honest with a woman who refers to you as her best friend.


In the cinematic masterpiece Tropic Thunder, Kirk Lazarus (Robert Downey Jr) stated to  Chuck Speedman (Ben Stiller) when making a movie, you never go “full retard.” When appearing on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta one should never go “full Joseline Hernandez.” Estelita, after her lil Penthouse photoshoot, is back in love with her Man-ager. Now she don’t care what people will say about her and Stevie. She better keep that same energy when Erica finds out.

Speaking of finding out, Brittany met with Tiarra for some clarification on Stevie and Keely. Tiarra being familiar with Stevie because that’s her baby daddy’s “uncle,” said Stevie’s contracts come with a coochie clause. If this is true how is Stevie J maneuvering in this #MeToo climate? 


Jessica Dime is still pregnant by herself since Shawne has been picked up by the G-League and she has yet to reach out to her mom for help. She would have to tell her mom she is pregnant before she asks help.

Joc and his hairstyles are getting a salon. So that’s that. 

Oh wait instead of getting a “next week on...” we got a “later this season.” This was basically a midseason trailer that featured storylines to come. Tommie drinking problems become worse, Tokyo’s man Tabius cheats on her with Spice. Plus Erica vs Stevie, Jasmine confronts Rasheeda, and the gang vacations at a dude ranch. If any of this intrigues you or you're a fan of Hey Dude or Salute Your Shorts stay tuned.  

Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta "TKO"

Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta "TKO"

Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta "Guess Who's Back In The Muthaf***in' House"

Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta "Guess Who's Back In The Muthaf***in' House"