WWE Night of Champions 2013 Predictions

WWE Night of Champions 2013 Predictions


The Prime Time Players vs. The Usos vs. Tons of Funk vs. The Real Americans vs. 3MB (Tag Team Turmoil No. 1 Contender’s Match)

Kicking off the Night of Champions card will be what the WWE is calling a "Tag Team Turmoil" match, the winner of this match will face the The Shield (Roman Reigns/Seth Rollins) for the Tag Team Championship later that night. I feel as if every 3 to 6 months it looks as if the WWE will finally place an emphasis on building the tag team division and every time they've dropped the ball. But for some odd reason or another I believe this time they are for real.

Jernard: Darren Young and Titus O'Neil will win to continue their push.

Sterl:  Titus and Darren will win this match they have been getting a push especially since Darren came out. I don't know if that's the reason, but I hope they win the belts. Time to start pushing the tag team division.  

Jon: This is a no brainer, the Prime Time Players will pick up this, as they've been looking good during their face turn/push. 

Prime Time Players: 3

Winner of Tag Team Turmoil vs The Shield (Roman Reigns/Seth Rollins)

Jernard: The Shield (Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns) (c) narrowly escape with the belts on going feud with PTP 

Jon: The Shield pulls this one out, but the PTP will win the title either the next night or at the next PPV

Sterl: The Shield wins. As much as I would like to see PTP win, I don't forsee The Shield losing since they are a part of HHH's corporate cronies. But maybe there's an outside shot but I doubt it.

Corey: The Shield will retain. Why, because their was no build up. All the WWE is doing is throwing guys to Rollins and Reigns at the last minute so they can say the titles were defended at night of champions.  

 The Shield: 4



United States Champion Dean Ambrose vs Dolph Ziggler

After being picked on almost as much as Daniel Bryan by the "New Corporation" Dolph Ziggler finally gets a chance of redemption and the U.S. Title with a one on one match with The Shield member and United States Champion Dean Ambrose.  

Jernard: Dolph, JBL hinted on Smackdown that a member of The Shield will be losing the title and Ambrose makes the most sense.

Jon:  Ambrose will win and Dolph will continued to be burried.

Sterl:  Ambrose, don't see how that belt makes any sense on Dolph and The Shield is too strong.

Corey: The United States title has had no meaning, its just something Ambrose has had over his shoulder. If its on the line tonight then Ambrose will retain.

Dean Ambrose: 3 Dolph Ziggler: 1


Divas Champion AJ Lee vs. Natalya vs. Brie Bella vs. Naomi (Fatal 4-Way Match)

The Divas division is in much of the same shape as the tag team division. But with the surprising success of WWE's reality show Total Divas that may be about to change. AJ Lee has been hampered as a champion by the lack luster division and a couple of weeks ago dropped a "Pipe bombshell" to express how she feels about her competition. 

Jernard: AJ Lee (c) wins she's too over to lose.

Sterl: Natalya wins that is all. 

Jon: I'm actually looking forward to this match as I believe all these women have something to prove not only to the WWE universe but to themselves. AJ Lee, has to win this match, or her speech would just disappear into the ether. I want Natlya to win because she is such a hard worker, and deserves, this so if there is a rematch of any sorts, I'll be picking her.

Corey: The divas title, I couldn't care less about. I hope Natalya wins. AJ may have made a "pipebomb" but she will never be able to lace Natalya's boots. 

AJ Lee: 2 Natalya: 2



World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio vs Rob Van Dam

Rob Van Dam has been looking good since his return and this will be his second shot at a WWE title in a short span. Alberto Del Rio is at his best when he is heel but his character has seem to grown stale thus prompting him to turn on his long time ring announcer Ricardo Rodriguez.

Jernard: Rob Van Dam (with Ricardo Rodriguez) wins however Ricardo will turn and side with Damien Sandow cash in and swerve

Jon: Alberto Del Rio will win, RVD is on a short term contract and I don't see the WWE putting the belt on him like they did The Rock. I believe Ricardo will play a role and help ADR pull out the victory. I don't think a cash will happen, they like to keep a briefcase around just to make things interesting.

Sterl:  RVD wins don't care how as long as they take the title off Del Rio and start pushing other superstars. Time for Del Rio to take a backseat. (Don't be surprised if Damien Sandow cashes in because Ricardo will turn heel again not a good face anyways.) 

Corey: Del Rio is of course going to go over RVD. Maybe Ricardo turns on RVD, and this whole "ring announcer for RVD" was a set up the whole time. I really don't care about this match. 

RVD: 2 ADR: 2 Sandow: 2



CM Punk vs. Intercontinental Champion Curtis Axel & Paul Heyman (Handicap Elimination Match)

CM Punk has been seeking vengeance on former friend Paul Heyman ever since Heyman cost Punk a chance at the WWE Championship at Money In The Bank. His focus on Heyman cost him the match at Summer Slam, but this time Heyman will be in the ring with "The Best in The World"

Jernard: Curtis Axel & Heyman sneak away with the W either Brock runs in or a new Heyman Guy .... Vince knows this is the best thing on Raw and not pulling the plug on this feud is "good for business"

Jon: This is a big night for Curtis Axel, he has yet to catch on in the WWE and if he doesn't look good tonight time may be running out for Mr. Perfect's son. But this match is about Punk and Heyman and this will effectively end their feud. Punk wins, and taste sweet revenge at NOC. 

 Sterl: CM Punk wins I don't see how they keep this storyline up its starting to lack entertainment for me personally. 

Corey: I see Punk winning. But i can also see Lesnar interfering with the match seting up a rematch at the next PPV where Punk would get a win against Lesnar.


Punk: 4



WWE Champion Randy Orton vs. Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan's moment was stolen at Summer Slam when Triple H  hit Bryan with the pedigree and Randy Orton cashing in his Money in The Bank briefcase. And ever since then Bryan has been getting punished by the new "Corporation." At NOC Bryan can prove to the new "Corporation" that him winning will be good for business.   

Jernard: Daniel Bryan wins after run in by either Show or Cody Rhodes .... I face stable is slowly being established

Jon: I've enjoyed this storyline and don't see it ending anytime soon. I know the WWE wants this to go until Wrestlemania, though I don't know how they pull it off. But if they do it will be symbolic, Bryan lost the World Championship in 8 seconds at Wrestlemania 28 and could possibly regain the WWE Championship at Wrestlemania 30. With all that said Orton wins. I don't see the point of screwing Bryan at SS if you're going to give him the title at NOC.  

Sterl: Randy Orton wins sadly this outcome seems predictable with Big Show turning heel once again and costing Bryan the match with his WMD. Maybe he's not over the fact Daniel Bryan cashed in on him after he won the world heavyweight title. 

Corey: I think Orton will retain the title some how. Having Bryan win the title, will make the heel run with Triple H and Orton short and meaningless. That doesn't add up and I think their will be more to this feud.


Daniel Bryan: 1 Randy Orton: 3

  Those are our predictions, leave your predictions in the comments below and make sure you follow @RasslinReport to get live updates and commentary during the Night of Champions PPV.



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