What If... CM Punk's Wrestlemania Moment

What If... CM Punk's Wrestlemania Moment

WWE Raw World Tour - London November 2011 via  flickr

WWE Raw World Tour - London November 2011 via flickr

CM Punk has been absent for over a month, last scene being pulled over the top rope by Kane during the Royal Rumble. Maybe Punk was burnt out or maybe he was upset that he was scheduled to face Triple H at Wrestlemania 30. Punk has stated on numerous occasions that he will retire in the near future and the one thing that he has not done is have a Wrestlemania moment. 

One of Punk's gripes was the return of yet another wrestler, Batista, from the past being inserted into the title picture. Batista won the Royal Rumble and thus will get to headline Wrestlemania after a four year absence. I with the magic of arm chair booking will try to explain how the WWE could have rectified this situation.

The Set Up

To start off the events of the 2014 Royal Rumble will remain the same, the only difference being Punk does not disappear the next night before Monday Night Raw. The next night on Monday Night Raw, Orton cuts a promo about how he is pissed that The Authority doesn't have any faith in him, and he is what's best for business. In the middle of his tirade he's calls out Batista, stating that that he doesn't want to wait untill Wrestlemania XXX to settle this. Batista's music hits and the crowd responds with boos. Batista slow walks down the ramp with a grimacing look on his face ready to tear Orton apart. Once Batisita enters the ring, him and Orton stand toe to toe staring each other in the eye jawing back and forth.

Right when its about to reach its boiling point, Triple H and Stephanie run down the ramp to break these two up. But its no use, Orton holds up the WWE Championship, while Batasita dares Orton to hit him with it, then Orton raises the World Championship title up and Batista again dares Orton to hit him, Orton pulls back to hit Batista with the World Championship, but instead of hitting him, Orton hands Batista the World Championship belt.

Both guys hug and Triple H and Stephanie smile. Triple H grabs the mic and explains that Evolution never died it just evolved into something bigger and better. Triple H and Stephanie run the company from outside the ring and now Batista and Randy Orton run it from the inside,

This does two things, one it combats the boos Batista was/is receiving. Now he is a full fledged heel and a champion two weeks back with the company. Two, The Authority are now solid heels as well instead of this back and forth they've been doing in the past. Yes its stale to have the people in control heels, but it seems to be the only thing the WWE is good at.

Now Wrestlemania is on April 6 and Orton and Batista do not have opponents. This can be rectified by having the Elimnation Chamber match be for the number one contender. I know WWE does not like having a PPV without their number one champ on the card, but its not needed since the fans expect Orton at Wrestlemania anyway. Plus during EC you can show Orton taking it easy and talking mess about all six competitors.

Elimination Chamber

Since Alberto Del Rio is a former World Champion and these guys already have a program going, Batista would still face Del Rio at EC with the title on the line.  Del Rio would be cheered by the fans, but I still would have him wrestle as a heel. For CM Punk at EC he should have to beat Kane since Kane was the one who eliminated Punk at the Royal Rumble, in order to face Batista for the World Heavyweight Championship at Wrestlemania. Punk beats Kane.

The Elimination Chamber main event match is missing someone since Randy Orton will not be participating. Insert Roman Reigns since he was the last guy eliminated in the Royal Rumble. Instead of The Shield vs The Wyatts I would either scrap that match or keep it but change it to Harper/Rowan vs Ambrose/Seth. The outcome would be the same, with The Wyatts winning. This sets up a rematch with both teams at full strength at Wrestlemania 30.

As for the main event, it plays out the same way except for the last two are Sheamus and Daniel Bryan with Bryan going over. This works because Sheamus was the guy who beat Bryan at Wrestlmania 28 in 18 seconds, and Bryan is on a road to redemption. 

Wrestlemania XXX

The lead up to Wrestlemania would be a series of events where the Authority would one up Punk and Bryan. Come Wrestelmania there will be a double main event. Both championship matches would end the show. None of this World Heavyweight Championship being the first match. Punk vs Batista would be second to the last match. Punk would be victorious. Bryan vs Orton would be an iron man match. This stipulation has not appeared since Wrestlemania XII and would be a perfect conclusion to their rivalry. Bryan would outlast Orton and finally win the WWE Championship. Tears of joy and 90,000 plus screaming YES! would be capped with Punk returning to the ring to hug Bryan reminiscent of Wrestlemania XX with Benoit and Guerrerro. 


Punk has said he wants a Wrestlemania moment, but I don't know if that means he wants to headline or not, which if he does my scenario does not work. There would be rematches at the following PPV, but the idea of having one champion actually appeals to me and in my scenario Punk vs Bryan would happen at Summer Slam to unite the belts for real. John Cena is left without an opponent since The Wyatt Family would face The Shield. The only possible option I can think of is Christian. 

Pipe Dream Triple Main Event

I am fond of the idea of one champion and wouldn't want the belts separated. Before Wrestlemania Vince comes down and says he likes the idea of one champion so the winners of the title matches would face each other, so two superstars would have to do double duty, which wouldn't be a problem for Punk or Bryan. This would eliminate the iron man match stipulation in my earlier scenario. I still would have Bryan go over but at least Punk was in the main event and thus had his Wrestlemania moment.

What do you think of my theory? Good, bad, horrible? Let me know in the comments below.

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