The Raw, The Bad, and The Ugly (2/24/14)

The Raw

Paul Heyman and The Undertaker's Return

Paul Heyman is without a doubt the best manager that has ever touched a mic. Whenever the WWE needs a voice for a voiceless wrestler they can always depend on Paul Heyman. Heyman's speech about Brock wanting to go to WrestleMania and wanting to make history I'm thinking are they actually going to have a triple threat match for the title. I quickly think to myself Creative is not that creative. Then what has been rumored for months came to fruition. The Undertaker’s music hits, he comes out to the ring confronts Brock and without saying a word made that face to face encounter the most epic part of the night. Though I hoped for Bray Wyatt to challenge Undertaker’s streak I quickly changed my tune when I seen Brock and Undertaker standing off. Then when Undertaker stabbed Brock in the hand and chokeslammed him I immediately thought to myself this should be the main event.

The Bad

Daniel Bryan having to prove himself

The fact that Daniel is not in the main event is asinine. Bryan vs. Triple HHH is going to be a good match and Bryan, but Bryan doesn't need a match vs. Triple H for everyone to realize he is the man. Bryan is the uncrowned World Heavyweight WWE Champion, no offense to Damien Sandow 

The Ugly


I feel sorry for Batista. I really do. To quote Dr. Huxtable because this is how Creative is presenting Batista to us. Now let's say I come out of the kitchen with your perfectly cooked steak and all the trimmings on a garbage can lid. Not so appetizing is it now? Batista that's how you were brought back to the WWE. On a garbage can lid. Randy Orton said it best these people hate you and haven't welcomed you back with open arms. But it was how he was presented. Batista said he loves this business and I don't doubt him on that but he should have been smart enough to know that he can take a back seat for a while and wait his turn. A genuine feud with Alberto Del Rio would have been a great route to go basically fresh from coming off a WWE Title and World Heavyweight Title reign could have helped bolster Batista face persona all the while making him a legit contender for the title.

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