The RAW, The BAD, and The UGLY 2.10.14

The RAW, The BAD, and The UGLY 2.10.14


The Usos
The Usos come out and bring it night in and night out. They consistently hit moves that wow the crowd and hardly ever do they botch. Now it seems like Creative are going to make them the number 1 contenders to the tag titles and just like the Usos hopefully Creative doesn't botch this.

Bray Wyatt
Bray is the best on the Mic right now and his in ring performance is right on par to match. The 6 man tag match with the Wyatt vs Rhodes and Rey Mysterio didn't disappoint Luke and Rowan can both flatout move for guys their size, but Bray is the alpha male and when he hit Sister Abigail on Rey Mysterio the way that he did I said to myself “this guy is f'n amazing.” Bray Wyatt vs. Undertaker at WrestleMania needs to happen.

The Bad

Alberto Del Rio vs. Dolph Ziggler
This match was bad. It lasted two minute,s if that. This match was a waste of everyone's time, it would had been better with another Batista and ADR standoff that broke into a fight. Since Dolph is not going to be making a run at the WWE World Heavyweight title he should be one of many lining up to face Dean Ambrose for the United States Title. The one thing Creative still hasn't figured out is how to make the other titles look strong.

The Ugly Betty

Okay Betty White isn't ugly she's actually looks good for her age.  The WWE just needs to do away with celebrity guest on the show. Betty White played a minor role and didn't host and the WWE paid money for that? If the WWE wants to get celebrities involved just have them tweet throughout the show about what they like or don't like they've done it before and it doesn't take away too much from the show.

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