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GTS #80

AHH GTS!!! This week ItzMilla & Sterldapearl fill in for EJ & J.Fields .. as the RBU crew recaps Smackdown Live from Phoenix, AZ. 205 Live makes its return to the Match To Watch this week and find out who was behind the amazing Gauntlet Match from Raw. Our GTW segment features our view on Dolph Ziggler and where he goes from here.

GTS #33

AHHHH GTS!!! On this episode of the GTS podcast, Smackdown took place in Indianapolis,IN. Before we give the rundown of Smackdown Live, J.Fields gives you a Match to Watch For and we talk about what Sami Zayn said during a interview about the part timers headlining PPVS. Followed with our review and Near Falls.

GTS #30

AHHHH GTS!!!! Smackdown Live this week (2-14-17) took place in Anaheim,CA. On this episode of the GTS podcast, we kick off the show with a Match to Watch For followed with News/Rumors involving NXT tapings, Hulk Hogan and more. Then rundown the line up of SD Live followed with our review. Find out what out Smack Up, SmackDowner and Smack in the Face was this week.

GTS #28

AHHH GTS!!! We are officially on the Road to Wrestlemania as Smackdown Live comes from Corpus Christi,TX. We discuss the Seth Rollins injury he sustained this past Monday as well as give you a Match to Watch for from NXT Takeover. We also discuss the booking leading up to Elimination Chamber.