10 For Creative (4/14/14)

10 For Creative (4/14/14)

1. An enjoyable RAW with no Wyatts in action and no Daniel Bryan? Bizzaro World Indeed.

2. Lost in the 11 on 3 tom-foolery was 3MB in the main event. This happened. Yet Ziggler jobbed. Again.

3. What's it going to take to get those awful Tag Team Titles replaced. Do we need to start a fund, a chant and poll on the Network Second Screen. Tell us before its too late. *Rant Over*

4. I'm not sure Adam Rose's gimmick is PG? Something about the MDMA express & Furries seems questionable.

5. I feel like Damien Sandow took a dump on Vince's desk in the middle of a stockholders conference call then locked him in his office with rabid monkeys. His burial is that epic.

6. Am I the only one who marks out when ANY match has a double clothesline? Ultimate Moment ... RIP Ultimate Warrior

7. For a split second I thought you were about to undo the excellence that was RAW last week in one match. NO NO NO to the tag titles on Orton/Bootista

8. So is The Shield vs Evolution feud enough to get War Games back? Please at any point this year?

9. Scorpion Cross Lock > STFU

10, Didn't they try to get us to BoLieve once? Where'd that get us? Bray IS Better.


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