10 For Creative (1/6/2014)

10 For Creative (1/6/2014)

1. Jake "The Snake" to close out #OldSchoolRAW ? When do you start caring about what we like?

2. So who's idea was it to make the Khali/Sandow botch a storyline ?

3. Orton/Langston to main event Smackdown. Finally elevating young talent?

4. When the ratings come out and they're up again will you finally realize Less Cena = more ratings?

5. Is it me or is the Bad News Barrett angle getting worse every week?

6. How long was Brian Christopher aka Grandmaster Sexay waiting on this call? (He looked jacked)

7. Once Reigns leaves the The Shield are they broken up or does someone get called up?

8. I don't know if you guys realize how awesome the closing to #RAW was.

9. The two parallel storylines of the Wyatts / The Shield have the potential to be talked about for years if done right. Please don't mess this up.

10. Aside from the Wyatt/Daniel Bryan & The Shield/CM Punk feuds is the new norm for 2014 going to be "good wrestling, bad storylines" ?


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