10ForCreative (1/27/2014)

10ForCreative (1/27/2014)

1. It's hard to tell if Triple H mocking the fans ("Did you not get what you wanted") was a work or a shoot. Question is that good or bad?

2. Its official Antonio Cessaro is bigger than Real Americans ....

3. So who's the heel Brock Lesnar, Batista or Randy Orton?

4. So Brock finds out what we have been feeling like since Summerslam. Nobody gets what they want in McMahon Land.

5. You really have a chance to do something special with Roman Reigns (its in his blood) .... how do you plan to mess this one up?

6. Everytime Seth Rollins and Daniel Bryan are alone in the ring 100 Ring of Honor DVD's are sold. (Future PPV main event)

7.  We've been conditioned to almost not say we want to see a match (ie. Wyatt's vs The Shield) because we fear we won't get it just to spite us.

8. There is no gimmick more stale than Kofi's ... I don't care how far he can jump.

9. Kudo's for building up the tag team division.

10. You want me to be excited about Batista's return, yet he hasn't wrestled a match since coming back. Show me in the ring. ( and no Royal Rumble does not count as a wrestling match)


RBU 1/27/14

The RAW, The Bad, The UGLY (Royal Rumble Edition)

The RAW, The Bad, The UGLY (Royal Rumble Edition)