10 For Creative (1/13/2014)

10 For Creative (1/13/2014)

1.  Whats the over/under on Ultimate Warriors acceptance speech being a train wreck?

2. You'd think at this point John Cena's dad would stop getting front row tickets, no?

3. Am I the only one who forgets Jack Swagger was a world champion and co-headlined a WrestleMania?

4. Considering the shreaks I heard when Roman Reigns tagged in how long before you turn him face? (Remember I called it MITB winner)

5. So do you book Kofi the way you do just to f*ck with the smarks? (not kind Creative not kind at all)

6. How long before the message boards explode with "You should have saved the Daniel Bryan turn for the Rumble"? Like a woman...never happy

7. If Jake The Snake doesn't get his Hall Fame spot this year we can riot right?

8. Is this character development we're seeing with The Shield? Sorry its been so long since you've done something well in multiples.

9. Two pay offs in a row? To whom do we owe the honors?

10. Are you aware 9/10ths of the "Universe"  are taking the closing to RAW as your apology. And the 10,000 in attendance accepted that apology in unison. (Dont f*ck up)



The RAW, The BAD, & The UGLY (1/13/14)

The RAW, The BAD, & The UGLY (1/13/14)

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