10 For Creative (4/7/14)

10 For Creative (4/7/14)

1. Its safe to say that New Orleans IS NOT Cena Country .

2. Cesaro & Paul Heyman this is going to be an AMAZING RUN! Where has this creative been?

3. You can be a BoLiver but remember Bray Is Better

4. Let me say PAUSE now, GAWD Heyman is amazing on the mic. PAUSE AGAIN

5. Anyone surprised Bray is bringing out the best in John Cena's stale character.

6. As NewAgeInsiders pointed out the crowd was sending a message during the 6man boo Cena and Sheamus ... yay new guys. Did you get it Vince & Trips?

7. I am almost afraid to say that you (Creative) are actually getting it because something ridiculous always happens next. (See Ziggler current status)

8. 3MB chants at Kane, Bootista and Orton = PRICELESS

9. The Shield as faces WORKS! WWE is trying to do everything right all of a sudden. This really is bizzaro world.

10. Can we get War Games? Cena's Army vs Wyatt Family and/or The Authority/Evolution vs Daniel Bryan & The Shield? Its time.


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10 For Creative