#10ForCreative (2/3/2014)

#10ForCreative (2/3/2014)

1. I don't know what member of creative is writing the Shield/Wyatt feud but can we give him/her the keys to the ship?

2. Nights like this the lack of a alternative product on Monday nights is about as resounding as the CM Punk chants during EVERY segment.

3. Why are there still two belts? And why didn't anyone tell me JTG is still on the roster? ( i know random)

4. When I think about the fact that Wyatts/Shield is gonna happen I always hold hope that @WWE might actually be getting it after all.

5. "Batista is mediocre at best" (in my Richard Sherman voice)

6. If Punk is not in attendance at the 3/3 #RAW ... it will be an absolute mad house at the All State Arena ... Tonight will look tame. (fix it Vince)

7.  Is it me or is the Titus O'Neal "is a monster" angle too little too late?

8. I would pay full price for a PPV that only had Dolph Ziggler vs Antonio Cessaro, Wyatt Family vs The Shield, headlined by CM Punk vs Daniel Bryan in an Iron Man Match. Those 3 matches alone would be worth the price.

9. Hey wrestling works !!!! Awesome main event and an ending that made sense.

10. Aside from the main event and Wyatt Family/ Shield stuff ... you got some work to do to sell us this ppv.


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