10 For Creative

10 for Creative

1. Am i the only one more pissed that Cena beat Wyatt than the streak being over?

2.Gauntlet match, MITB, Lethal Lottery, Spin the Wheel Make the Deal, Beat The Clock Challenge , Battle Bowl > Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal

3. Sooooo you booked 2 cluster f*cks on one card? Kudos

4. You had no other ideas other than a squash for The Shield? Yet Harper and Rowan didn't wrestle?

5. I'm convinced Bray writes his own angles.

6. Did you hear the response from the crowd when Cena won? Neither did we.

7. Lets only book Kofi for battle royals until you turn him heel.

8. Heyman's promo tonight is gonna be all types of awesome.

9. Paul Orndoff and Magnum TA are the same person...

10. RAW tonight has potential to be better than last years post Mania Raw. How do you plan to Cena this up?

10 For Creative (4/7/14)

10 For Creative (4/7/14)

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