10 For Creative (12/30/13)

1.  Am I the only one afraid every wrestling forum will crash when Daniel Bryan and Luke Harper wrestle?

2. Am I the only person who is tired of the Total Divas teaming up every week? (courtesy of @MisterUhHuH)

3. Where has that Fandango been the since WrestleMania?

4. Was a Randy Orton montage necessary? Especially when he had off.

5. We really don't know what was more exciting Paul Heyman return or Lesnar's war cry. "CAWWWWWWWWWWWW"

6. Can you book Kofi Kingston vs Wade Barrett "winner gets a new gimmick" ?

7.  What are the chances of us get a straigh up one on one Daniel Bryan vs Bray Wyatt match. Im not optimistic you're building up to anything (ie Cena/Authority)

8. Anybody understand why Ric Flair can return but JR's at home? #Politics

9. Was an explanation for the botch Sandow/Khali finish necessary or am I the only one who didn't care?

10. Was a Cena-Less Raw so bad ?




10 For Creative (1/6/2014)

10 For Creative (1/6/2014)

Straight Shooting Sunday

Straight Shooting Sunday