Equal Opposites #75 An Episode About Muppets 2 Tears in a Bucket Let's Take it To The Stage

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Hosts: Jon RobinsonChelle Antoinette

This week we talked about Tamar reacting to being called a Muppet, the origin of  her and K. Michelle's beef. Also the ongoing battle between 50 Cent's Power and Lee Daniels' Empire and how that spills over to the Black community. Speaking of black community, a young mother dies after her 4th illegal butt injection, prompts us to debate about who do women get dressed up for men or other women? Do you have a "no" person in your life? And if not you're probably fake and gonna end up dating a fake person. Oh and Lauryn Hill's (remember her) album The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill is being into the Library of Congress. Somehow that got us to talk about men painting on hair and beards (more fakery). Zayne Malik left One Direction and Chelle reminiscences about boy band break ups of her youth. TV recap features the latest episodes of The Walking Dead 'Try' and Scandal 'Put a Ring on it.' Leave a comment below or email us at the1515ave@gmail.com
Closing song: Baby Blue - Action Bronson feat. Chance The Rapper


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