[PREDICTIONS]  WWE Survivor Series

[PREDICTIONS] WWE Survivor Series

WWE Survivor Series Predictions

On Sunday November 24 the 27th Survivor Series will take place in Boston, Mass. Survivor Series is the 2nd longest running pay-per-view event in WWE history, behind WrestleMania, being one of the original four pay-per-views usually means the WWE goes all out. Sadly the WWE has all but abandon the concept focused around tag team wrestling with eliminations. Only two matches have the elimination angle as a stipulation. Besides that fact this card is interesting to say the least. Check out my predictions below.


Kofi Kingston vs. The Miz (Survivor Series Kickoff)

Kofi Kingston and The Miz have been in mid-card hell for the better part of two years. With The Miz making a full heel turn during Monday Night Raw’s go home show, it seems that one of these two will be elevated past the midcard level while the other will most likely continued to be buried. The Miz will one the battle at Survivor Series, but the war is far from over.

WINNER: The Miz via submission


7-on-7 Divas Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Tag Team Match

Its as if Survivor Series is made for the current state of the WWE divas division. If the WWE could get 98% of its Divas roster in one match every week they would. This is E!’s Total Divas show vs the rest of the Divas. And while Total Divas has been successful for the WWE, it hasn't helped The Bella Twins get over as babyfaces. Meanwhile A.J. Lee has been looking strong as champion especially with Tamina Snuka in her corner. I see Bri Bella getting the victory for Team Total Divas.

 WINNER: Natalya, The Bella Twins, The Funkadactyls, Eva Marie and JoJo via pinfall


Intercontinental Champion Big E Langston vs. Curtis Axel

This match was suppose to take place at Hell in a Cell but due to an injury sustained by Axel, that didn't happened. Big E Langston defeated Axel for the IC title this past Monday on Raw, and the crowd popped hard for Big E. Axel has been pretty much been a disappointment since his re-debut, and now that he's not a "Heyman guy" anymore, I feel as if Axel is destined for glorified jobber status. There's no reason to take the title off of Big E.

WINNER: Big E retains via pinfall


5-on-5 Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Tag Team Match

I am a fan of traditional Survivor Series’ matches, just thinking back to Team WWF vs Team Alliance in 2001 gives me goosebumps. Though I don’t expect Cody Rhodes and Goldust, The Usos and Rey Mysterio vs. The Shield and The Real Americans to be on that level, these guys will bring their A game. The Shield needs this victory to reestablish their dominance. Plus with the victory, it sets up The Shield to face The Rhodes at TLC.

WINNER: The Shield and The Real Americans via pinfall


CM Punk & Daniel Bryan vs. Erick Rowan & Luke Harper

Ever since the Raw after Hell in the Cell, The Wyatt Family has shifted their attention from mid-carders onto CM Punk and Daniel Bryan. I for one am not a fan of Bryan not being in the title picture, but fully understand that another Bryan vs Orton match would just be bad for business. I also like how Bray Wyatt is not in the match and will be in the corner of Harper and Rowan. CM Punk and Daniel Bryan will be victorious, but this feud could have the legs to go to Royal Rumble.

WINNER: CM Punk and Daniel Bryan via DQ


John Cena (WWE World Heavyweight Champion) vs. Alberto Del Rio

John Cena’s quick return has been a thorn in "Mexico’s greatest export," Alberto Del Rio’s side. While I’m no fan of “Super Cena,” I do understand his importance to the WWE Universe. After regaining the World Championship at HIAC, I see no reason why Cena will drop the belt to ADR at Survivor Series. After this lost, ADR should fall back from the title picture he’s been in for the duration of a year.

WINNER: John Cena retains World Championship via submission


Randy Orton (WWE Champion) vs. Big Show

I refuse to cheer for Big Show, he's a crybaby, he ruined Battleground, and he leaped frog the entire roster and became the number one contender. Ever since Summer Slam, not only has The Authority not been sure about Orton, but I’m starting to believe that Orton is doubting himself. Nonetheless without any help from The Authority, The Shield or anyone else for that matter, Orton will prove why he should be the face of the company and why Big Show losing will be good business.

WINNER: Randy Orton retians via pinfall

What do you think will happen at Survivor Series? Leave your predictions in the comments below. 

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