Throwing Out The Race Card




Take a deep breath, now repeat after me...


I’m Black and I’m proud! Or in your best Jerry McGuire voice scream, "I love Black People!"

How many African Americans can say the above statement and truly mean it? How many of you feel blessed that God has given you brown, mocha, yellow, etc. skin? I'm proud to be Black. I truly believe every race should be proud to be the race that they are. Now that we acknowledge that we are proud to be Black and we have screamed it to the world, lets get to the real point of this blog.

We are proud of the skin that we wear but, so many Black people overuse the race card.

The race card is a card that minorities play when something they've perceived as a racists act has happened to them.

We no longer live in a world where we wear physical chains around our hands and feet, where its illegal for us to read, or work for free. We are free, yet so many of us act as if we are still enslaved. We act like the world is against us because of the color of their skin . Does racism still exist, hell yeah. Is there anything we can do to change it, no. We can't change the way someone else feels, but we can change our reaction to their racists acts towards ourselves.

Another race may call you a nigger.  It's not right, but freedom of speech we can’t control what others say. Verbally someone may call you a “nigga” or nigger, But what can we do? We could fight them, we can argue with them, call them an equally racial slur, but if we do that we are no better then that person.

Ok, ok, now that I probably got your blood pressure a little high by saying we get called a nigger by another race lets address the issue.

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt  me. Nigger is a word that simple minded people use to belittle Black people. I try not to let it affect me. If I show a person who calls me a nigger that ,that can hurt me, then they will continue to use that word.. What I don't understand is "we" get upset and offended if we get called a nigger by another race but quick to call another Black person nigga. We’re not helping the situation, instead we are adding to the problem on a whole other level. I'm not saying I don't use the word, I've even seen Black people who allow certain white people or other races to call them a nigga and don't blink an eye but the next person could say it and they would be ready for a showdown.

To all the biracial people and those of us who have biracial kids you should be the last people who want to talk about racism. If your baby mama or baby daddy is White, mother, father, grandmother, grandfather is White. Please sit your ”I wanna play both sides of the fence” ass down. Seriously? How can you hate White people or think all Whites are racists and you somewhere have White in your family. Black people like that kill me. You shouldn't even be able to say anything about Whites, Mexicans, etc. I have nothing against other races in fact my grandmother is half white half Black, and her husband my grandfather was half Black, half Asian.

Every race faces some sort of racism at one point in life. You think people from Iraq that live here face it or Mexicans face it. Hell even whites face it.

If you can’t take the heat, then stay out of the kitchen. If you don't like for someone to say any negative racial comments about you, then you too need to stop with all as well. It irks me when people are quick to do or say something knowing that they, themselves wouldn’t like for someone to do to them.

The Zimmerman case was a very tragic event, that has been blown way out of proportion. I believe Zimmerman was guilty, so it goes without saying that I didn’t agree with the verdict.   I can't control that. But from hearing other people talk about the case, seeing posts on social networking sites, some people are the ones making the case more about race and not about an innocent child shot by a wannabe cop who figured he would play hero.

All I seen and heard was the White man got away, if that was a Black guy and a White child the case would've been different. We do not know that. That's all speculation. Zimmerman got off because of the fucked up laws in Florida. Yes there is a lot of Black people who are in jail for  lesser crimes than what Zimmerman was on trial for, but some of those were committed in different states with different laws.  If Zimmerman was Black and Trayvon was white would you honestly even pay attention and care about the case? There is crime going on every day, every minute. Blacks on Blacks and I don't see people all into those crimes unless it has something to do with someone they personally know. I'm starting to think that Blacks think Its ok for Black on Black crime just not another race on Black.

In order to to be better, we have to do better. We gotta get it together. Instead of teaching your children that the White man is bad, teach the proper way of living and carrying themselves, to be successful in life. Teach your children to ignore the ignorance of others and focus on a way of getting ahead. Because at the end of the day the real racism begins with yourself. If you teach your children the Whites, government, judicial system is against us, your starting them early on how to pull their own race card.

Once again just my thoughts...



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