Throwback Thursdays: Earth, Wind & Fire's "On Your Face"

Throwback Thursdays: Earth, Wind & Fire's "On Your Face"

Each and every Thursday I pick a song and follow how its been used, sampled or ripped off in music since its inception. 

Earth, Wind, & Fire - On Your Face
First Appearance: September 1976

Released April 7, 1977 'On Your Face' was the third single from Earth, Wind, & Fire's seventh studio album Spirit (which was released the previous year). Written by Charles Stepney, Maurice White, Phillip Bailey the heavy horns and infectious bass slaps matched the vocals stating not to let the world get you down.

MC Hammer - "On Your Face"
First Appearance: February 12, 1990

Please Hammer, Don't Hurt Em gave the world parachute pants, a "U Can't Touch This" meme that contaminated pop culture, and hip hop's first word for word cover of an R&B song. The production is updated for the 90's but the words are from the decade of disco.

Queen Pen - A Party Ain't A Party feat. Markell Riley, Mr. Cheeks and Nutta Butta
First Appearance: December 16, 1997

Queen Pen came onto the scene via a head nodding guest verse appearance on Blackstreet's 1996 smash hit "No Diggity."  One year later Queen Pen released her solo debut album entitled My Melody. The album produced three charting singles, none more known than 1998's "A Party Ain't A Party." A feel good late 90's hip hop song that hearkens back to the days of videos shot with a fish-eyed lens.

Coko - I Get Joy
First Appearance: October 31, 2006

After SWV disbanded Coko embarked on a solo career, releasing her debut solo album Hot Coko in 1999. She followed that up with a gospel album Grateful in 2006. "I Get Joy" finds Coko singing the praises of God and all the joy He has brought Coko. 

Other Appearances
Polish rapper O$ka also sample "On Your Face" for his song "Złota Rybka"
Naughty By Nature's Jamboree chorus features elements of "On Your Face"

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