The Ice Bucket Challenge Has Gone Awry

The Ice Bucket Challenge Has Gone Awry

The new social trend these days has been the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. We are seeing it flooding our timelines. Celebrities are participating and it is kind of cool to see people you know react as ice cold water is dumped on their heads. Basically, it is a fun event that brings awareness to donating to charities. Now I knew of this challenge months back before it really caught fire and it was not restricted to just ALS. It was actually Wounded Warrior when I saw it. I've seen a lot of different versions of this challenge and I feel like many are missing the point. Here is why it has gone awry...

The first reason is that it only denotes ALS which is worthy charity. However, it is not the only charity that would benefit from people donating. I feel like labeling it the "ALS Ice Bucket Challenge" is actually a hindrance to the game and it's do-good potential. It should be all encompassing. With so much love going around, why not educate ourselves on charities in general?

Secondly, the rules are not clear. Many people are saying: do the ice bucket challenge and you don't have to donate which kind of defeats the purpose. This has caused the ice bucket challenge and it's participants to come under fire from the naysayers, you know those people who don't like to have fun. Now because I know how people hate when you point out the flaws, but don't provide a solution. . I will do just that.

Modified Ice Bucket Challenge Rules: You must complete the ice bucket challenge within 24hrs. If you do not, you must donate to a charity of MY choosing. If you complete the ice bucket challenge,  then you can donate to whatever charity YOU choose.

You're welcome, America. :)


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