Ring of Honor: 'Death Before Dishonor XII' Rundown

Ring of Honor: 'Death Before Dishonor XII' Rundown


ROH Death Before Dishonor XII Night 2 took place at the Frontier Fieldhouse. I am not the greatest judge of attendance but I would say there is about 500-600 people. Crowd was hot from start to finish for a really good card. 

Dark Match: Cheeseburger, Will Ferrara and Louis Lyndon def. Psycho Mike, Matt Sells, and Stokely Hathaway after Ferrara gave Psycho Mike a Code Red. Nice dark match a lot of Cheeseburger chants. 

Tag-Team Match: The Decade (Roderick Strong & Jimmy Jacobs beat  Monster Mafia (Josh Alexander & Ethan Gabriel Owens) after a spear from Jacobs on Alexander.Mafia looked great in this match and I hope they comeback or better get contracts. Really good to see Monster Mafia here, good match to kick off the show. Highlight of the match was a "15 more" chant at Alexander's German Suplex flurry. 

ROH Television Title Match: Jay Lethal (w/ Truth Martini & Seleziya) defeats Caprice Coleman after a series of superkicks followed by Lethal Injection. Really good stuff in this match with Coleman hanging with Lethal every step of the way. Hilarious spot where Coleman hits a heart punch on Lethal but Lethal brushes it off only to sell the move moments after. Lethal is has been on fire as of late. I wouldn't be surprised to see a Lethal/Elgin series.

Four Corner Survival Match: ACH beats Silas Young, Michael Bennett and BJ Whitmer. ACH pinned Whitmer after Tadarius interference backfired. Awesome match where every got to hit their signature spots. Highlights of the match were Bennett teasing Piledriver off the apron on Whitmer, crowd went nuts for that. ACH hit a crazy somersault plancha to the outside that had some unreal height to it. 

Singles Match: Adam Cole defeats Hanson with a surprise Small package. In a decent match. After the match Cole gave Hanson the middle finger & a beat down from The Kingdom followed by "story time" where he berates War Machine and said that no one cares about Rowe's motorcycle accident. Nice post match promo. The Kingdom continued to pummel Hanson until World Champion Michael Elgin comes out for the save. Tommaso Ciampa comes out and stares down Elgin in the ring. Elgin grabbed the mic and said why wait. And we have the ROH World Title match NOW!

ROH World Championship Match: Champion Michael Elgin retains over Tommaso Ciampa after ref stoppage. From the beginning to the end Ciampa and Elgin really beat the hell out of each. You have to go out of your way to watch this match once it airs. Highlight of the match was a running knee strike to the outside by Ciampa on Elgin which sent him over the guardrail in to the 3rd row. Lots of "This Is Wrestling" chants. MOTN so far.

Post match Elgin tries to thank Ciampa for a great match. Ciampa teases shaking hands but instead drops the World Title to the mat and Elgin walked out. Then Ciampa snaps and attacks two ring crew guys and then drags Kevin Kelly into the ring. The crowd chants for Corino to make the save and he does along with ROH security. Ciampa teases that he's going to the back, but instead comes back out and ambushes Bobby Cruise and hits 5 running knee strikes to Cruise in the corner. As Cruise is being looked at Ciampa takes the mic and calls for intermission.


 Singles Match: Adam Page pins Adam Pearce after a Jackknife pin. After the match Jacobs belittles Page tells him he's stupid for trying to shake Pearce hands after the surprise win. Story of the match was BJ Whitmer not being happy with Page being belittled rather than celebrated after the win. Before and After the match there was tension between Pearce & Whitmer. Solid match coming back from intermission. 

 Singles Match: AJ Styles makes Cedric Alexander submit with the calf killer. Really high impact, hard hitting match that displayed Cedric can hang with the top guys. At one point Styles was backdropped to the outside of the ring awkwardly in what looked like a scary bump but he was fine. During the match Cedric yelled "I've been watching you AJ" after reversing a signature move. Story of the match was Alexander studied Styles and was escaping or reversing all his signature moves with high impact moves. Definitely a match you should tune in to ROH TV to watch. 

 8 Man Team Elimination Match: Young Bucks win after hitting "More Bang for Your Buck" on Mark Briscoe. Amazing match. Too much action to choose a favorite spot, but the apron DDT Jay Briscoe hit on Nick Jackson made everyone jump to our feet. 

 Afterward Bucks put over the Briscoes and said ROH Tag Team Division is the best in the world (Hard to argue that) and told ReDRagon that they want their belts back,

ROH has been on a roll lately with some great shows. This was no different. Overall really great night for ROH and the fans. No bad matches at all and the flow of the show and stories were well done. Walking back to the car everyone was talking about how great Young Bucks vs ReDRagon should be at All Star Extravaganza and the Ciampa/Elgin. Weither DVD, VOD or TV go out of your way to see Death before Dishonor weekend. 

 Match of the Night:  8 Man Team Elimination Match 

 Honorable Mention: Michael Elgin/Tommaso Ciampa

Pictures From The Event

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