How Far Will You Go For Love?

How Far Will You Go For Love?

Some people will go to great measures for the one that they love. I know we’ve all thought about how far you will go for someone you love. Some will go to the moon and back. Others won’t go as far as the next room. But how far is too far? 

In the past month or two, there have been so many stories of women who will go as far as lying to police, assisting in murder, and helping to cover up a murder for their so-called “love of their life”. What makes my stomach turn most is these murders they are helping commit or cover up is of their own children. 

I read a story that the news reported a month ago where this lady said her daughter, under the age of 1, was taken from her playpen in their home. They had people searching high and low, amber alerts and all, for this precious baby girl. Many of us including myself prayed that she was okay and returned home to her mother, but later found out that her mother’s boyfriend killed the little girl and she helped him bury the body of her daughter. 


About a 7 month old baby girl who died from starvation, her parents kept her and her twin sister in the same crib in a cold basement and they lived upstairs in their home in a normal warm bedroom. They replaced baby formula with water. They, however, dressed themselves well and lived their life while their infants fended for themselves. After the baby passed away and her parents were arrested, police and the community had to give this baby a proper burial. 
I can go on for days about stories of how mothers know their boyfriends are molesting these innocent children and not saying anything to them - letting them continue to hurt and abuse their own flesh and blood. 

How can you love a guy (no matter if that is your child’s father or not) that hurts your child in any way? I don’t see how any woman can call themselves a mother if they put any man before their own children. It’s disgusting. If a man can hurt your child he does not love you. Plain and simple! 

I wonder what is going on in these women’s head when their supposed lover is hurting their kids or has killed their child and they are willing to help them cover up the murder or commit it.  What is it that any man can say that will convince a mother to go against her own children for a man? 

I know I couldn’t go along or be a part of anything like this no matter how much I love a person. My children are my world. They are everything to me. God has blessed me and trusted me enough to care for them and nothing or no one is going to come between me and my children. I don’t see why any parent would think otherwise. 

There are so many people in this world that cannot physically have children that will be more than happy to raise your children if you don’t want them. At least be parent enough to hand them over to someone who will love and protect them. Then follow the man you love more then you love them. Stop letting these men hurt your kids. Stop letting killings happen to innocent children. And stop covering up for these worthless men. Once again, just my thoughts! 


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