For The Love... Or Hate Of Money

For The Love... Or Hate Of Money


George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and Ben Franklin all have something in common, their face is printed on money and who doesn’t like money? In America, it’s all about the almighty dollar. But there’s one particular piece of money that a lot of people don’t like,  Floyd Mayweather. Mayweather is an undefeated professional boxer that’s been named the highest paid athlete in the world with a net worth well over $400 Million dollars, due to his last bout. A man that not only dedicates himself to his craft which is Boxing but he always put his family first, especially his four children. So how can a person hate a man that always put his family first?


He’s the modern day version of Mike Tyson, Muhammad Ali, and Sugar Ray Leonard. Mayweather is exciting, entertaining, and most importantly legendary. He has an outstanding record of 46-0 with 26 of those wins coming by KO. He’s been involved in two of the highest grossing boxing matches in history. Sharing the ring with Canelo Alvarez and Oscar De La Hoya he came out with career purses for both. Before it’s all said and done, his career earnings could wind up being a little over $500 million dollars. 

 He keeps you entertained inside and outside of the ring. Whether it’s on Dancing with the Stars, appearances in the WWE on WrestleMania, or cameos on shows, 'Money May' always delivers. From the expensive cars, the fancy jewelry, the “Big Boy Mansion,” Floyd Mayweather is living the lifestyle that most, if not all of us, want to live.  


When asked why they hate Mayweather, most people have excuses and not legitimate reasons. This is why I have a problem with people that say they hate him or don’t like him. “Well Mayweather is beyond cocky, he flaunts his money too much, he’s a bitch that claims he’s the best and he sucks.” And my favorite one of all time is this one, “He went to jail for beating on one of his baby mamas.” Even if you don't like Mayweather or even hate him, the least you can do is respect his craft of being one of the best boxer of all time. We as humans have done plenty of the things he’s done that make people don’t like him. So what separates us from him? I don’t like the fact that he’s been charged for domestic violence, I don’t believe in putting hands on a woman. What that man has done in his private life is his own business and we as humans don’t have any reason whatsoever to judge him. There’s only one person that can do that and that’s God.

The Decision

We are entitled to our own opinion. When it’s all said and done, whether you love him or hate him, you’re still going to watch him. Even if it’s to see him get beat up or knocked out, or just to see him do what he do best which is win, you’re still supporting Money Mayweather. I’ve come to the conclusion that, the reason why people hate Floyd Mayweather is deep down they really like him.

Where do you fall when it comes to Mayweather, let me know in the comment below.


Calvin is a father, a husband and a sports fanatic. He hosts a boxing podcast, Lace Em Up for fellow boxing enthusiasts. 

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