9 Reasons Why Your Relationships Fail

9 Reasons Why Your Relationships Fail

1. You are too clingy. There is a big difference between spending time with someone and suffocating them. This is NOT a fine line. I knew someone who would sit up at their boyfriend's job when she wasn't working. I warned her about doing this and eventually her boyfriend broke up with her. The reason: she was too clingy.

2. You are unrealistic with your expectations. "I want a super good looking, rich man who wants a family and is super athletic and cooks well and is a handyman and has a genius level IQ and...." Like Lyfe Jennings said in his song "Statistics": Don't be a nickel out here looking for a dime.

3. You have an inflated view of yourself. Most people like to think they are "wifey" material or they would make a great husband. Everyone thinks they are an awesome catch. (Heck, I KNOW that I'm an awesome catch.) But let's be honest, most of us do not fit the bill described in #2.

4. You are the Captain of Bait'n'Switch. Instead of being yourself, you try to sell others on a lie. I read a book a few months back called "Gone Girl" by Gillian Flynn (awesome book - check it out). But there was an interesting topic touched on in the book and it was the concept of the "cool girl". Basically, the girl pretended to be everything she thought/knew a guy wanted: funny, laidback, interested in "guy things", etc. I know so many girls who try to be the "cool girl" when they would be so much happier in the long run if they were just themselves during the courting phase.

5. You pursue superficial attributes. Men are the worst when it comes to this. They all want a chick with a big booty, big chest, slim waist, and cute face. Oh, and a freak in the sheets. What they end up with is a broke baby mama with zero life skills who is as dumb as a box of rocks.

6. You expect perfection in a relationship. You believe that you will never fight and everything will be rainbows and unicorns. You fail to plan for disagreements or varying points of views. There will be arguments and disagreements and fights and hurt feelings. Knowing that will help you prepare for how to handle these situations better when they do arise.

7. You do not know how to compromise. Everything has to be your way. This a key element to any relationship. Everyone likes to say it's "love" or "trust", but I contend that it's compromise. You have to learn how to give and take. Maybe you don't like to go to the movies, but your mate loves it. It is not that big of a deal to go to the movies with them just to make them happy.

8. You need to work on yourself. I know people who I like to call "chronic daters". They refuse to be single. Always in a relationship or pursuing one, but they aren't mature enough for a relationship. They don't know how to be faithful. They don't know how to love someone. They don't know how to communicate appropriately with others. They lack emotional maturity.

9. You do not know when to call it quits. This seems like an odd point for this topic, but it is extremely relevant. You could also look at it as: You are too desperate. You will allow yourself to be subjected to any and all treatment and you will still try to stay. What essentially happens is the other person loses respect for you. They keep you around while you are useful (money, car rides, shelter, sex) and then drop you like a bad habit when something better comes along.

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