WWE Needs To Have A Bullet Time Approach When It Comes To The Bullet Club

WWE Needs To Have A Bullet Time Approach When It Comes To The Bullet Club

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When Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson came from out of the crowd and attacked The Usos during a post match celebration, hardcore wrestling fans envisioned a dominate heel stable being birthed. 

In the simplest terms Bullet Club is a 21st Century nWo. Their brash, cocky, use the same hand signs i.e. "too sweet" and the same colors black and white. Coming to fruition in New Japan Pro Wrestling in 2013 led by Prince Devitt aka Finn Balor. Not soon after Anderson joined and Gallows followed by the end of the year. When Baelor left NJPW for the WWE, AJ Styles replaced him. 

With four of the major members of the Bullet Club now signed to the WWE, Vince and company can reform the stable and if they take their time the Bullet Club could be the biggest thing in the WWE since the Invasion angle of 2001. 

The Build

AJ Styles, sans Wrestlemania 32, has been booked well since his debut at this year's Royal Rumble. His match with Reigns for the WWE Heavyweight title at Payback should be the first chapter in building the Bullet Club storyline. AJ should lose this match cleanly, and move on to the Intercontinental title picture. 

While The Miz is giving us greatness right now being paired with his wife Maryse, his IC title run should be ended by Cesaro. Cesaro and Styles begin a program over the IC belt spanning from Money in the Bank in June and ending at Summer Slam. Both these men are great in the ring. Plus outside of Kevin Owens, the IC belt has been passed around like a hot potato. Cesaro and Styles can bring prominence back to the belt. Styles goes over.

Balor has been teasing BC from the moment Styles, Anderson, and Gallows left NJPW. And Bullet Club doesn't make sense without its leader. WWE needs to call Balor up as a participant, of Money in the Bank, with Balor getting the briefcase. To go from NXT champ to, to pseudo number one contender/future champ makes Balor look legitimate.

As for Gallows and Anderson they should target the tag team division. Instead of going straight for the current champs The New Day, their sights should be set by taking the whole division down and booked to climb the ladder. Shane shouldn't give them a title shot because of how they debuted. Finally taking the titles off of The New Day at Summer Slam. 

Night of Champions

Ever since his injury in November of last year Seth Rollins return has been penciled in for Summer Slam, if this is the case his return should interrupt a Reigns post match celebration, setting up a 1 on 1 with the two former Shield members at Night of Champions. 

Night of Champions would put all the Bullet Club (who at this moment have just hinted at a stable) members with titles on the card. All of them are victorious. During Reigns v Rollins match, Styles, Gallows, and Anderson interfere in the match. Balor uses this opportunity to cash in his MITB briefcase which is now painted black and white. Night of Champions ends with BC standing tall and looking strong, with four championship belts in one stable.

The Aftermath

It's been a while since a WWE champion has had a stable. It will be important for the WWE to use this to Bullet Club's advantage. The problem with heels in the WWE is too many times they don't act like heels. Bullet Club can't cut "cool" promos, they should cheat to win when they are in big matches, and win not only clean but cocky when there isn't a threat. Speaking of which, when they are in matches when there isn't a threat they should win! Balor can't be booked like Rollins did losing every Monday only to win at the PPV. 

After Nights of Champions the slow storytelling should continue to get fans to Survivor Series with a reluctant reunion of The Shield takes on the Bullet Club.

The odd of any of this happening is slim to John Cena turning heel, but the WWE has the pieces in place for something special. And more so something that writes itself. The Shield was formed before BC that's a talking point, who wouldn't want to see Styles vs Ambrose, Rollins vs Balor, Gallows vs Reigns. The Wyatts getting involved, the 2017 Royal Rumble would be amazing. 

How do you see the Bullet Club playing out in the WWE? Let me know in the comments below.





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