Every Kanye Song With 'Light' in The Title Ranked

Every Kanye Song With 'Light' in The Title Ranked

Kanye is the light...

Throughout his legendary career Kanye's given listeners a variety of motifs through his music, whether that's bragging about him being a genius, his struggle with monogamy, his style of dress or societies flaws. One of his most consistent motif is the use of the word "light" in the title of his songs. In our society light can be a metaphor for the sun, Good triumphing over Evil, the light waiting for us at the end of the tunnel when this chapter called life is over or merely an awakening in one's own life. Sometimes I believe Kanye means "the light" in Asshole, a language spoken by many and understood by few.

But I digress, below is a shameful list of all of Kanye's songs with the word light in the title which at this time is just five songs dating back to 2007 going all the way up to Feb. 14 2016. Note: Only full songs are included in this list. Interludes such as All of The Lights and Low Lights don't qualify. 

5. Street Lights - 808s and Heartbreaks (2008)

Let me know if I still have time to grow... 

On what most consider Kanye's most personal album on 808s and Heartbreak Kanye addressed the loss of his mother Donda West and the ending of of his engagement to Alexis Phifer. And on Street Lights Kanye gave a hard self evaluation. Questioning whether or not he will reach his true potential not as an artist but as a person. 

While Kanye contemplated on not yet reaching his dreams and aspirations on a haunting production that seem to echo his sentiments. While most of Kanye's song has him speaking to an audience Street Lights has Kanye's subconscious speaking to him.   

4. Highlights - The Life of Pablo (2016)

Me and Ray J would probably be friends... 

Depending on who you ask,Kim Kardashian is a highlight in Kanye's life. And depending on who you ask, her sex tape with now former boyfriend and current R&B singer Brandy's little brother Ray J is a highlight in her life. But once you get past the opening line, Kanye spends the majority of the track highlighting the highlights of his life: 21 Grammys, his family being the new Jacksons, and pulling a Diddy if a coach disrespects Saint. 

Production wise this track could easily fit on Graduation and out of all of the light theme songs Highlights finds Kanye at his most jubilant.  

3. Flashing Lights  - Graduation (2007)

She don't believe in shooting stars... 

It's about a girl, it's always about a girl. On "Flashing Lights" Kanye finds himself in a happier space by breaking the laws of monogamy with another woman. The only thing that awakes him from his sweet dream is the flashing lights capturing his infidelity. With eyes now wide open Kanye tries to reconcile with his former Mona Lisa. 

Spawning three videos Flashing Lights is quintessential Kanye. A genius' mind is never at rest, Kanye wasn't satisfied with just one visual telling the story of man who wasn't satisfied with just one woman.

2. All The Lights - My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (2010)

Something wrong, I hold my head 

Kanye has a knack for shining a spotlight on what's it like to be a celebrity in the 21st Century. With what seems like more features on one track than an entire Dr. Dre album, Kanye paints a picture of domestic violence and the aftermath of its participants. 

Kanye doesn't make it a habit to take on a first person narrative of non-biographical song. At  this point in  Kanye's career he didn't have any kids, and didn't serve any prison time. Yet and still Kanye brought a presence that made people question if this was in fact a true story. Couple that with Kanye's energy that seemed to be racing towards a head on collision  with the drums, and matched that with visuals that could trigger a seizures and you could say Kanye was going all out for people to feel "All of the Lights." 

1. Ultralight Beam - The Life of Pablo (2016)

I'm tryna keep my faith  

The introduction to Kanye's "Gospel" album sets the tone for where Kanye is at in his life. Kanye's trying to keep his faith but at the same time he's looking for more.  What more means is anybody's guest, is it a hall pass, respect for his fashions, a billion dollars from Facebook creator Mark Zuckerburg or merely understanding. 

While Kanye doesn't have a standalone verse on the track, the arrangement alone makes this song a God's dream. The extended hook between Kanye and The Dream felt like Paster West leading the congregation on a warm Sunday morning in a southern Baptist church. Add Chance the Rapper dropping scripture and hints of Good Ass Job and it's hard not to be blinded by Ultralight Beam. 

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