Ring of Honor: Operation Conquest Chicago Recap

Ring of Honor: Operation Conquest Chicago Recap

Operation Conquest Chicago

Attendance was in the 900-1000. I had already purchased my tickets prior to Samoa Joe being added so it was an added bonus. Call me bias but the Chicago crowd always seems to be extra intense and into the show and tonight was no different.  This was a non-TV taping and more of a house show but by the intensity of the crowd and action in the ring you’d never know it. Noticeably not booked on the card were Michael Bennett, Moose, Adam Cole (injury), Adam Page and Cedric Alexander so it will be nice when ROH returns to the Frontier Fieldhouse to see them in action again.

***Side Note*** I absolutely love the “movie phone” disclaimer before the show.  I think the “keep it PG” part had the most heat of the night.

The Romantic Touch defeated Stokely Hathaway with a reverse pedigree.

Entertaining match to start the show. Crowd was really into Touch’s heel antics and even getting some HepaTitus chants. Though I really miss Rhett Titus I have to admit Romantic Touch is growing on me.

Really good promo from Truth Martini to start the show, he even hit a Spinaroni and “spazzed out” in  Flair-esque fashion stating that Jay Lethal accepts the challenge for a Chicago Street Fight against Cliff Compton. Then he goes on to put over J.Diesel as a Golden (and Silver) Gloves Champ and that he wants revenge, for his loss in the Top Prospect Tournament, against Will Ferrara.

J.Diesel pinned Will Ferrara

This match was a lot better than I thought it was going to be with J.Diesel looking good. Will Ferrara is a hard worker and has that Mikey Whipwreck underdog feel. Solid Match.

A.C.H. pinned Jimmy Jacobs after 450 splash

Pop for A.C.H. was huge and he deserves a big push in 2015. Really good match that really kept the crowd guessing on who would get the W. Story of the match was B.J. interjecting himself in the match until A.C.H. neutralized him and was able to get the advantage. Jimmy Jacobs had a good amount of fans behind him in this one and something should be said for his work this weekend and overall because he makes guys look great.

Post match Jimmy puts over A.C.H. as one of the best in the world, B.J. is jumps into the ring and tells Jimmy don’t shake his hand. Jimmy shakes his hands anyway and B.J. gets a lot of heat from the crowd. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Decade implode at Mania Weekend leading to another Jacobs/Whitmer feud (which I am all for).

Four Corner Survival (Proving Ground/Instant Reward): Silas Young beats Matt Taven, Roderick Strong and Mark Briscoe to earn title shot later in the night.

Silas pinned Mark Briscoe (with a hand full of shorts) really awesome match that saw an insane flurry offense by Roderick which included a Super Plex on each competitor. There was a really crazy spot where Silas was read to hit the head stand split leg moonsault but Taven caught him in mid head stand with a super kick made several people in my section cringe. Awesome match that made all 4 competitors look great.

ROH TV Champion Jay Lethal beat Cliff Compton in a Chicago Street Fight

This was a Proving Ground match and Lethal was able to keep Compton from cashing in on an instant reward title shot. A lot of the high spots of this match took place on the outside away from my section. A lot of us could not see the action so a chant of “This Sounds Awesome” broke out that even made Corino laugh at ringside. Lethal and Compton really beat the hell out of each other and Lethal even hit a top rope elbow to the outside through a table to the outside.   Truth through salt into Compton’s eyes which lead into the lethal injection and a win for Lethal and H.O.T. Can’t wait to see this one on VOD to catch what I missed.

Beer City Bruiser beat Cheeseburger with a modified sitout Piledriver in the post intermission opener

One thing I will say is for a big guy BCB can move. The flipping senton off the apron he does is a sight to say the least.

Tommaso Ciampa came out and talked about his injury. He said he was a free agent because he hasn’t gotten a new contract. Promo was going a little long and crowd was uncertain where this was going and Silas Young finally interrupted saying everyone has problems with their boss and to go to the back so he could get his title shot. They teased a confrontation. I am all for a Ciampa/Young feud as that should be intense.

Proving Ground: Instant Reward for ROH World Title Jay Briscoe pinned Silas Young after the Jay Driller.

Solid title defense with Silas taking everything Briscoe could dish out until Briscoe was able to get the opening to hit the Jay Driller. Wouldn’t be surprising to see another title shot for Silas Young in the future if Jay Briscoe is able to retain against Samoa Joe.

 Proving Ground Instant Reward for ROH World Tag Team Title: RPG Vice (Rocky Romero & Trent) beat reDRagon (Kyle O’Reilly & Bobby Fish) to earn an instant title shot

Really good mix of comedy, hard striking and tag wrestling. For being a fairly new team (to my knowledge) Trent and Rocky look fluid in the ring with some unique double teams.  Crowd was really into Trent being the babyface in distress and popped loud for the hot tag to Romero.  Vice got the win a Spike Inverted Pile Driver. Fish & O’Reilly tried to leave and head to the back but are dragged back to the ring by Romero and Trent.  

reDRagon retain in the instant title defense against RPG Vice

2nd match was awesome as the intensity really picked up and everyone was guessing at who would win this match. O’Reilly reversed Trent’s escape from Chasing The Dragon with a roll-up for the win. IMO reDRagon is the best tag team in the world right now. Really great stuff here after the match RPG Vice got a nice ovation and challenged Young Bucks for the IWGP Jr. Tag Team Titles.

Samoa Joe beat Michael Elgin by submission

Please go out of your way to watch this match. Awesome back and forth match with Joe hitting all his vintage spots. Elgin was matching all of Joe’s strikes and this match was brutal at times, as was to be expected. Story of the match was each man unloading their whole arsenal only for the other to keep kicking out until Elgin made a mistake and Joe was able to lock in the rear naked choke for the win. Elgin really looked good and was able to hang with Joe every step of the way. One of Elgin’s best matches in ROH and not just for the nostalgia involved.

After the match Joe put over Elgin and talked about how he was no longer under restraints and back home where he could wrestle his style. Crowd chanted “Thank You Joe” and Joe replied with “No Thank You”. Joe then said he was coming for Jay Briscoe because “He has my belt”. Nice touch closing out the show with Joe’s old theme “The Champ Is Here”.

Really great show and Jay Briscoe vs. Samoa Joe for the Title at SuperCard of Honor IX has a big fight feel to it. Joe’s Legacy vs. Jay’s Win Streak. Not a bad match on the card and the crowd was into it from start to finish.  No return date was announced but it’s late summer when ROH usually makes their way back to Chicago.

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