What I Don't Understand: Red Velvet Oreos

What I Don't Understand: Red Velvet Oreos

An Oreo is just a cookie...

I'm am not an Oreo aficionado. I don't pine over two chocolate wafers with a sweet cream in between. I don't have youtube videos of myself reviewing flavors. I don't have any beef with "Milk's favorite cookie." That being said, I've only eaten the regular Oreos, Double Stuff, Mint and Chocolate. So for all of you who have eaten Bubble Gum, Swizzle Sticks, Cotton Candy and whatever concoction the good people of Nabisco have come up with, my opinion may not be valid.

After hinting at a new flavor way back in October, Oreo's latest cookie the limited edition Red Velvet Oreo made its way in to stores this past week. It peaked my interest so after work I visited Jewel (a local grocery store) and went straight to the cookie section. Long story short the cookies were actually in a center aisle endcap. I took a picture of the package and posted it on Instagram, and shared on Facebook and Twitter as well. 

Not too much long after posting the picture, the responses came flooding in. How do the Red Velvet Oreos taste?

The Red Velvet Oreo replaces the chocolate wafer with red and opts for a cream cheesed flavored filling. 

This may come to as a shock to some people, but the reality of it is Oreos are the Little Caesars pizza of cookies. They are cheap, ubiquitous and frankly have plenty of competitors that taste 10x better. Plain and simple.

The newness of Red Velvet Oreos wore off in the same week they were released and people began to criticize the cookie, saying Red Velvet Oreos were all hype, overrated,  and meh. Somehow people who truly enjoyed the cookie, spoiled it for others who are now sourpussing online about said cookie. They bit in (pun intended) to the high reviews all over the internet. Expectations were raised and unfortunately for some weren't even close to being met.

I in turn responded to the questions with a gif on Twitter and told everyone else they were good or delicious. Good or delicious, I didn't say they were life changing or the Holy Grail of cookies. Nabisco shouldn't stop shitting out flavors like the upcoming S'mores. And people shouldn't have high expectations for bag a cookies that at the moment barely cost more than a gallon of gas. Honestly on a scale of cookies to Oreos, the Red Velvet Oreos taste like... well Oreos.


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