Tim Bradley smashes Bam Bam Rios into retirement

Some may say getting to know a new person takes time. You don't know what the person like or may not like and vice versa. On Saturday November 7, 2015 a new "boxing marriage" began with the WBO Welterweight Champion Timothy "Desert Storm" Bradley and his new trainer Teddy Atlas. 

This was the first fight that the two shared going up against a tough opponent in Brandon "Bam Bam" Rios. Bradley's previous trainer was Joel Diaz who Bradley put all his trust and faith in throughout his whole career.........until his previous fight with Jessie Vargas. With a mini microphone attached to him, Diaz could be heard loud and clear losing faith in Bradley and basically letting him know that he's not going to win the fight, he's lazy, etc. Even with Bradley edging Vargas in a decision, it was time for Bradley to make a decision as well. That decision was to go his separate way with Joel Diaz and search for a new trainer to continue his career with. Enter Teddy Atlas.

 If you watched this fight, you saw a changed fighter in Tim Bradley and all the credit goes to Atlas. If the in between rounds pep talks between the two didn't hype you up, I don't know what to tell you. Just listening to Atlas talk to Bradley the way he did made me want to put a pair of gloves on and go in the ring. His encouragement could motivate anyone. Listen to it here http://youtu.be/sq2figwIX9s "WE ARE FIREMEN!!"  

After the Firemen pep talk, Bradley turned it on and ended up stopping Rios two rounds later. I've always been a fan of Bradley and I'm glad that he finally realized that he needed a fresh start with someone new. Miguel Cotto chose to go with someone new and look how rejuvenated he is with Hall Of Famer Freddie Roach as his trainer. I feel that the sky's the limit for Bradley now that Floyd Mayweather has retired and with Manny Pacquiao on his way out in April. He can take over the Welterweight Division if he wants to, it's totally up to him. As long as Teddy Atlas is there, he just might have a chance to do it.  

Before the fight, Brandon Rios was hinted at retirement and after his lopsided loss to Tim Bradley, it was safe to say that his decision to retire was the right thing to do. He's had an outstanding career finishing with 33 wins 3 losses with 1 draw. He's known as a fighter than can brawl with the best and always gave the fans a unforgettable show. His battle with Mike Alvarado was Fight Of The Year. Rios left everything in the ring and always dedicated himself to the sport. His reason for retiring was:

            " My body wasn't doing what I wanted to do. I tried to pull the trigger and I couldn't let it go. ... I'm not going to fool myself and make myself look like a jackass and get beat up. I can live life now. ... I made it further than anybody thought I would. I proved everyone wrong."

I personally want to say thank you to Brandon "Bam Bam" Rios for all the hard work he put in and for the great battles. Enjoy life after Boxing. 

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