Who Should Be The Next WWE World Heavyweight Champion

Who Should Be The Next WWE World Heavyweight Champion

Last night WWE World Heavyweight Champ Seth Rollins suffered a right ACL/MCL/medial meniscus tears; and will be out 6-9 months.

This puts WWE in quite a predicament. Having the current champ sidelined is a wrestling promotion's worst nightmare. Something WWE just went though last year when Daniel Bryan was injured during his run. 

The WWE then turned the main event of Money in the Bank, which is normally a ladder match with the winner getting the briefcase that grants you a chance at the championship, to just the winner (John Cena)  becoming the new WWE champion.

With Survivor Series being the next event and WWE just having held a tournament for the  number one contender, this go round won't be as easy. 

That's not to say their aren't strong candidates for the title. Below I picked guys who have the best chance at getting the title and don't currently hold a title or a MITB briefcase.

Former Shield Members

When Seth Rollins made his Raw debut late 2012 he was a member of The Shield aka The Hounds of Justice. A group of men who protected then champ CM Punk before coming into the services of The Authority. 

Dean Ambrose seemed the most hurt by Seth's betrayal and thus was the first to feud with Rollins. While Rollins is over with the fans, and has put on amazing matches for the title, he's damn near forgettable when he isn't feuding for a belt. This may not be all on Ambrose, WWE doesn't have a great track record when writing storylines that don't involve the belt. 

Roman Reigns was already in line for another chance at the title. His first try was thwarted by Seth Rollins who cashed in during Reigns match against Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania 31. Reigns is horrible on the microphone, decent to good in the ring. But the company is behind him. He could be the next champ and feud with a heel Ambrose, or Reigns could turn heel and join The Authority and feud with a babyface Ambrose. 

Face or Heel, Reigns would make a lot of sense. Feuds with Ambrose, MITB winner Sheamus, and Brock Lesnar coule be fresh and enjoyable. Plus Heel Reigns with The Authority would help with promos. 

Sure Bets 

John Cena just took a break for personal reasons, but he is usually the first guy WWe calls. Being the top guy in the company for over a decade its understandable why. Hate him or love, Cena is good on the mic and in the ring, and the company does well when he is the top guy. But Cena lost the United States Championship at Hell in a Cell to a returning Alberto Del Rio and when Cena returns he should feud with Del Rio and plan on tying Ric Flair's record later.

Brock Lesnar is a full-time/part-time guy, and he isn't scheduled to return until December. The way Lesnar has been booked, he almost supersedes the belt sort of like Andre the Giant in the 80s. Lesnar doesn't need the belt for fans to tune in to watch him, even though I was a fan of the way he was booked during his last title run, most people didn't like the fact that the main title rarely showed up on RAW. When he returns he should feud with Reigns, if Reigns is the champ.

Brass Rings

Cesaro has been booked horribly, at the height of his popularity WWE decided to turn him heel and drop his most popular move. While putting the title on him would get a pop, at this point I can't picture a long run, and the only thing worst than never being champion is being just a transitional champion. 

Dolph Ziggler had a chance with the World Heavyweight Championship that was cut short due to concussion. For better or worse Ziggler is this generation's Rick Rude or Mr. Perfect. He has the look and puts on great matches, but either the company doesn't see what the audience sees, or he's just surrounded by too many Hulk Hogans, Ultimate Warriors, Undertakers and Savages.

Long Shots

Daniel Bryan is a long-time fan favorite, and most of the WWE Universe have no idea if or when he will be back. He has forfeited the last two belts he's had, WWE Championship and Intercontinental Championship. As much as it pains me to say this, WWE should be hesitant to put any belt on Bryan. I'm still holding out hope that Bryan will return at Royal Rumble, even though I don't see him winning it, so this might be the last time Bryan has to hold the title.

Triple H is a very divisive man in the WWE. Fans love him for the job he's done in NXT, despise him for a career of burying talent and putting himself over, oh and he married the boss's daughter. Triple H is still in an amazing shape, and could be a great transitional champion. The heat gained by just putting the belt on him and booking himself like Lesnar (only wrestles at big events) could keep the belt strong and would instantly put over the man who ultimately takes the title off him.

Who do you think will be the next WWE Champ and who would you like to see as the next champ? Leave your thoughts in the comments below. 

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