Review | The Game - "Blue Canvases"

Last week I held out hope for Malik and it looks like its finally coming to fruition. Malik starts off by lying in order to get another meeting with business consultant, Patreece Sheibani. After several failed attempts to get her to take him seriously, Patreece suggest that he meet her at her office at 11 am if Malik is serious. When Malik does show up at 10:52 the elevator is out of service and Patreece's office is on the 35th floor. So without hesitation Malik hikes up the flight of stairs and shows up with a minute to spare, but when he learns that there was actually no meeting and Patreece set this up to see if Malik is dedicated he is tired and furious. That is until he finds out he will be the new spokesman for "Basically Water."

Tasha Mack is the definition of indecisive, all season she has gone back and forth on who she wants to be with and in the first few minutes of this episode she makes it clear that Rick Fox is the man for her. She even starts what appears to be her "break-up speech" with "Pookie" until she comes across an engagement ring which prompts "Pookie" to ask for Tasha's hand in marriage. Tasha accepts, this doesn't make any sense at all, yet her character hasn't made sense for like the past three season if not more especially when it comes to her love life. 

Its been three weeks since Kierra and "Blue" first kissed, and now they are jogging buddies who kiss. But kissing is never enough when your the number one draft pick, so when "Blue" suggest he wants more from Kierra she questions their so called relationship. During a Sunbeam meeting Kierra lets it be known that she may not a Sunbeam much longer which leads to her revealing to Tasha and Chardonnay that she is a virgin. She wants someone who will allow her to be independent, support her and make her laugh when times are bad, I guess "Blue" has all of that because in the last scene of this episode we're led to believe that she gives "Blue" her virginity.

I wasn't expecting the curve ball that is Kierra being a virgin, I wish there were some subtle hints in the previous episode but I guess that's asking to much. Plus it was pretty much a throwaway since we only know she is a virgin for all of five minutes before having sex for the first time. The writers should had played it up more and maybe had "Blue" find out before he took her virginity. The "Three's Company" moment was back when Jason caught Chardonnay speaking to Tasha about Rick Fox. Jason now suspects that his wife is cheating, but I don't understand why Chardonnay would keep that a secret, especially after her and Jason had a whole episode about secrets! 

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