The 5 Best AT&T "Its Not Complicated" Commercials

The 5 Best AT&T "Its Not Complicated" Commercials

The best part of most of these commercials are the little things that you don't notice on the first watch. In the "Grandma" commercial pay attention to the little girl on the left, she does an epic slow motion run, that makes me burst out in laughter every time I see it.

This commercial gets me when the host interrupts the little girl who proclaims to be able to mimic the boy who is making himself dizzy.

I'll admit I've seen the Twilight movies, all of them and I was Team Jacob so when AT&T introduced "Werewolf" I loved it. Not only because it didn't feature any dumb vampires, but because the little girl translated werewolf for all the people who had opted to take Spanish in high school.

Released during the NCAA March Madness tournament, I think the only reason I like this commercial is because of how quickly "pick n' roll" becomes "pickle roll" and everyone just goes with it.

When it comes to AT&T's newest commercial "Infinity," I have  two words for you "mind blown!" 

Are you a fan of these commercials? What are some of your favorite "Its Not Complicated" commercials? 

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