The Gossip Game "Behind The Backstabbing" Review

In a State of Denial

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According to Sharon, she’s a world class journalist who has covered 9/11, and the death of Michael Jackson. But she has yet to bounce back from her fall from grace so to speak. On a double date with Angela Yee and Yee's beau we learn that Sharon and Garland can’t even agree on what was the reason they split. Sharon blames infidelity, but Garland says they were never officially a couple. I’m going with lack of communication as the reason these two didn’t make it in the past and it will probably be the reason they won’t make it now.

If anything Star is persistent. The sad thing is persistence only works in romantic comedies, in the real world that's called stalking and it usually results in restraining orders. On his “date” with “Ms. Drama” he asks for her intimate time, and for her to slap his face. “Ms. Drama” plays the role of a woman who isn’t interested, but willing to do almost anything to get what she wants.

Viv is having a hard time with coming to grips with her daughter becoming a man. She’s contemplating getting a tattoo with her children’s name and wants to get Khadijah, Kayden’s birth name. Kayden is not ok with that. And when speaking with Kim O, Kim notices that she refers to Kayden as her daughter and not her son. I can’t imagine how difficult this must be for Viv, but her remaining in this state of denial isn’t healthy for her or her relationship with Kayden.

Steph Lova is once again front and center, instead of Viv being her enemy its Kim and Kino. Viv explains that Steph said that Kim had walked in on her husband Kino with another woman. Kim says that’s not true and if it was why would she tell someone with a radio show that kind of gossip. Kim relays this info to Kino, who is never one to pass up an opportunity for a joke states “was the girl cute?” Eventually we get a meeting with all three parties and of course Steph denies saying any of this.

It was nice to have an episode where interesting things happened without the help of Steph Lova or Star. Not to say that they didn’t have their hand in the drama pot.  Sharon is as confused and confusing as ever. She clearly doesn’t know who she is and what she wants at this point in her life. Viv is on a long journey to finding acceptance in her life over things she cannot control.

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