Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta "Off With The Bitch Head" | Rundown

Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta "Off With The Bitch Head" | Rundown


We open with Karlie Redd at the studio in the booth. I’m surprised that Karlie is still on the show, but she says she has things going on like magazines, red carpets, and new music. Rasheeda and Traci stop by the studio. Karlie invites Rasheeda to do a K. Michelle diss song (we most likely won’t hear it though). But an R&B diss records though, someone’s too old for this.


Next we see Scrappy and Erica. Scrappy tells Erica about the Momma Dee Shay incident at the studio. Erica wants to know why are Momma Dee and Shay hanging out. Erica is very fed up with the Momma Dee relationship because they are ENGAGED. Scrappy suggest a sit down with everyone.

Mimi’s house warming party was the first time K. Michelle and Rasheeda seen in each other since their last interaction. Both spent the beginning of the party ignoring each other, until forced to interact by Ariane. The civiliness is short lived before shots are thrown. Rasheeda gets up to exit the party, and K. Michelle mentions Kirk and his three earrings. Rasheeda returns only for K. Michelle to up the crazy by throwing a candle at Rasheeda. If a bitch is trying to set me on fire the altercation should probably end.

Scrappy goes to see Momma Dee to invite her to dinner with Mingnon and Erica, and more importantly question her about Shay and the studio. Momma Dee makes up a story instead of saying, "I’m an ex pimp, but I want Shay to be my bottom bitch." Momma Dee proclaims that she is trying to watch the throne and shes looking down at peasants while she overlooks the kingdom. What kingdom is she talking about? Its her in her apartment, that's it. Scrappy hasn’t been “The Prince of the South” in a decade.

Mimi and Stevie J meetup to discuss co-parenting, where Mimi resides and if she is seeing one. Mimi doesn't disclose her whereabouts other than to say she lives in Atlanta and on the dating topic she merely states “I’m doing me.” I’m not sure why that's Stevie J's business, but I think this is a control thing because Stevie J be giving off Ike Turner vibes like crazy. Especially when he says he will find out where she lives anyway. This dude is so creepy sometimes that it makes you want to check your locks. 

Joseline has been booking shows with Dawn. After Joseline’s performance, her and Dawn split the proceeds before Stevie walks backstage to confront Joseline and Dawn about his cut. Joseline lets Stevie know that he's not getting a cut of anything until he shows her the contract. 

Joseline and Karlie red go for a walk in the park. Karlie being her messy self informs Joseline that Benzino had revealed that Joseline and him had slept together. Joseline is not feeling this news and says that she would never sleep with Benzino because he is too short and he has no neck. LMAO. This will get messy later on but we will proceed.

Momma Dee and Mignon go to Scrapy and Erica's house to have dinner. Mignon still has some hesitation about Scrappy marrying Erica. Scrappy says that was in the past and that Mignon should stop pissing on it. Erica lets Scrappy know that Momma Dee has been disrespectful over the years and doesn't know her place. Erica basically went in on Momma Dee and then all hell broke loose. Erica got in Scrappy face and pushed him, Momma Dee stood up, Scrappy took his mommas side, there was lions, and tigers and bears and plenty of "oh my's!" Scrappy packed his stuff and demanded Erica give him the ring back, she did not oblige and proceeded to get in her red Mercedes and leave the house leaving Scrappy and Momma Dee waiting outside until she decides to come back. So is the engagement over? We'll find out next week.

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