#10ForCreative (2/17/14)

#10ForCreative (2/17/14)

1. Is it me or does it seem like Elimination Chamber is a one match ppv?

2. Hard to figure out how they could be so right with Wyatts vs The Shield but so wrong with everything else.

3. Was it a coincidence that RAW was pretty dull and The Usos did not wrestle tonight?

4. Saying Cesaro and Cena have similar in-ring style is like saying Chief Keef and Jay-Z are similar on the mic.

5. Kings of Wrestling in WWE would have been nothing short of amazing and a breathe of fresh air. You my friends missed the mark. (not surprised)

6. A part of me is sad that Wyatts vs The Shield is happening this Sunday because it's the one storyline that works.

7. How is it 3MB is always minus one member. #WorstStableEVER

8. If we could pay per match I think we all know the one match everyone would order from Elimination Chamber.

9. Was I the only one afraid for Zeb while he had the mic during Big E's match? Felt like we could have had Abraham Washington all over again.

10. Kofi beats Orton ... Swagger beats Kofi .... yea this logic works.

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