#10ForCreative (2/10/14)

#10ForCreative (2/10/14)

1. The burial of Ziggler is alive and well apparently.

2. Trying to wrap our heads around how the same people who been writing the Wyatts/Shield angle are writing the other 2 hours and 50 minutes or RAW.

3. When a 3 minute Daniel Bryan segment is getting a better reaction than your 10 minute main event, you're NOT doing something right.

4. Couldn't get a decent Ziggler/Del Rio match or RVD/Ambrose but hey we'll give you Cena/Orton for the 1000 time

5. Wyatt & Shield stand off is about as close to Sabu/Taz NVR 96 standoff as were ever going to get. (for you newbies and youngins look up Sabu/Taz from ECW November To Remember 96).

6. I have to say that a @AntonioCesaro vs @WWESheamus feud could make for some great matches. I think their styles compliment each other well.

7.  Bray Wyatts reversal on Rey Misterio & closing sequence to the Usos/RybAxel match was incredible. (Cesaro, Bray Wyatt & Usos our usual suspects)

8.  Who would have thought Lita would be inducted before the Hardy's ... but I well deserved they dont make diva's like Lita anymore THANK YOU & Congrats @AmyDumas

9. Am I the only one concerned that we may get a Cena vs Batista WM30 main event?

10. Closing of RAW = Cheese on a Board

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